By: Kaisarrah Wight Period:1

What is flexibility?

Flexibility: the ability to move the joints through their full range of motion

Benefits of being flexibile!

1st benefit) is it prevent pain and any injury

2nd benefit) it keeps your heart healthy

3rd benefit) stretching can help your muscle to get warmed up so you wont hurt yourself plus make you more flexible

How to maintain your flexibility?

you have to stretch 1 to 3 times a week and hold keep stretch for 10 seconds.
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How to improve your flexibility?

You need to do static stretches 3 to 5 times a week.

When doing a static stretch you need hold it for 15-30 seconds

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Basic Streching


-Hang tan



-Split straddle



-knees to chest

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All about me being flexibility.

Every time I'm about to do something dealing with running or moving around I always stretch because before I start moving I want my muscle to be warmed up. Having cold muscle make my body hurt worse especially when I pull some of my muscles. stretching help me be able to run like a want to.
10 Day Flexibility Challenge Day 1 – Basic Stretches & Warmup Workout Dance with Catherine