PLMS Vocabulary - 2012-13

7th Grade Reading- Minshall

Use one of the words from the "Word of the Day" for each root. then, create a visual picture for each of these roots

spir, spire – to breathe

cad, cas, cid – to fall

leg, lect-to choose,pick,read

capt, capit leader, head

aud – to hear

val – worth, strength

vita, viv, vivealive

When you are creating your visual picture, try to inject as much context clue meaning as you can.

fort, force – strong

rupt – to break, burst

tain, tin, ten – hold

rect, reg, rig – straight, lead, rule, right

nov – new

nat – to be born

ju, just, jur – right, law

quer, ques, quis – to ask, to seek

Just some of our top Visual Representations.

Guaranteed to be relaxing and fun