Puerto Rico

The Territory

Brief Explanation on Puerto Rico

Christopher Columbus claimed the island in 1493. Puerto Rico is an organized territory of the U.S.,commonwealth is its status. Puerto Rico was ceded to the U.S as a result in Spanish-American war.

Puerto Rico's favorite sport

Puerto Rico's favorite sport is baseball. They have a winter baseball team. The game was first played by Puerto Ricans and Cubans after seeing the game being played in the United States. One of the baseball clubs "Borinquen Baseball Club" was first established in 1897.

One of Puerto Rico's Animals

One of their animals is a coqui. It is named for the loud sound males make at night, for two species.

Puerto Rico's Capital and Population

Puerto Rico's capital is San Juan. Puerto Rico has 3,674,209 people, but in the capital there is 389,714 people