What is Social Media?

Tech Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Social Media 101 - The Basics

I am sure that everyone has heard the term "Social Media" but do we really know what that means and how it can be used in Education? Listed below are a few but not all types of Social Media.

Social networking site- Google Plus/Hangouts

Micro-blogging site- Twitter

Photo Sharing - Pinterest

Video sharing site- YouTube

Social bookmarking - Diigo, Flipboard

Over the next few months, I will provide professional development on the sites listed above. Stay tuned for more information or check the Professional Development Calendar. Along with these workshops, I will provide campus "Sit and Gets".

Social Media in Education - Teaching Digital Natives
Video Disclaimer:

This video is a few years old so some of the stats may be a little off for today. Also, I am not entirely sure that everyone would agree with the statement on Wikipedia accuracy as well.This video is provided to give insight into social media and it's continuing emergence in education.