Baxter & Muldoon LLC

Where Quality, Service, and Your Time still matter!

We offer the best paralegal service around!

For the attorney who does not want:

  • the expense of a full time paralegal, or
  • to hire through a staffing agency for a project

For the attoney who has a task that is:

  • too small
  • too simple
  • too big
  • or you're simply too busy for

Baxter & Muldoon is perfect for you!

We have paralegals that can assist you with either a small or a large project. Regardless of the case, we have a paralegal that will fit your needs.

With Baxter and Muldoon you have a choice in how we bill you, either with a flat rate or hourly. If you choose a flat rate fee for our service it does not matter how much time the task requires; a flat fee is all we charge. Whatever you need, you know upfront how much it will cost; no more, no less. If you choose the hourly service, we provide a complete hourly billing statement for what we did for you and the time that it took. The great thing is that this cost can be passed on to your client for paralegal services.

We provide the best service at the lowest cost

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Our hours of operation are
Monday - Friday 10 am to 6pm
Saturday by appointment only

Baxter & Muldoon Document Service

From the beginning our mission has been to set higher standards for service, and accuracy in an industry not typically known for great customer care. For us, the goal is not simply to provide a smart, cost-effective service; it’s to make sure that you the attorney, and your client get the best legal service available.

From our inception, we have delivered excellent and professional services to our clients. The results are clear; a team of highly capable, committed, and motivated representatives working for you! Our legal experience and excellence, as well as our out of the box “do or die” attitude have won us acclaim and accolades, as well as respect from courts and opposing counsel. It has also earned us long-term loyalty from the attorneys that we assist.