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February 28, 2019

Weekly Message

Dear Raleigh Hills Families and Community Members,

Technology is pervasive in today's society. And our children have come of age in this time of technology expansion. Not only our children, but we feel we need our phones and devices. Some staff and I were talking today about how we feel weird if our phones are not in our hands or pockets. While there is a lot of convenience to having so much information right in the palm of our hands, it can be tricky to navigate setting technology limits for ourselves and our children. Common Sense Media is a website that has great resources for helping families with these dilemmas. They say that excess time on technology affects three areas of our lives: sleep, distraction and relationships. One of the things they suggest is not dwelling on past mistakes with technology. Just say to your family, "This is how we used to do it, but now we're doing it this way." And then stick to your new rules. Your children may become angry or upset about the new expectations, but they will thank you for setting boundaries when their sleep improves and their relationships flourish.

With spring break just around the corner, it will be important to find daily activities that don't involve screens to keep students' skills sharp. Consider going for walks, spending time writing in journals and of course READING!

Below are some tips from Common Senes Media for helping with the technology piece:

Guard bedtime like a mama bear. Do whatever it takes to make sure your kids are getting a good night's sleep. Try these tips or use these settings to turn off kids' phones at night.

Make screen-time rules. Figure out how much screen time is right for your family -- and stick to your rules.

Enable screen-limiting settings. iPhone users can set the features in Screen Time; Google users can download the Family Link app to control kids' phones.

Resist distractions. Learn a few easy hacks to make your phone less appealing.

Understand the tricks of the trade. Knowing how companies manipulate you and your kids into spending more time online can help you recognize when you're falling into their trap.

Train yourself to focus. Kids and parents can use these apps to practice concentrating, prepare for bed, and calm the mind.

Common Sense Media Screen Time Resources

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Celebration of Student Learning

Partner Learning in Second Grade

All students throughout the school have partners for learning in reading, writing and math. These partners help them think of math strategies, edit their writing and practice their reading skills. Here's a partnership hard at work!
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100s Day in Kindergarten!

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Camp Achieve - Info for Summer School

Summer is coming, and the days away from a regular routine can set students back and take away learning gains from the school year. If students leave school in June and don't read or practice their math skills all summer, they can return in the fall at the skill level they were at back in January. Students then spend the first three months of the school year trying to regain what they had already learned the prior school year. This is called Summer Slide.

How can you stop Summer Slide from happening? One way is to sign up for Camp Achieve this summer! Applications will be sent home soon, pending the approval of our Beaverton Education Foundation grant application.

Here’s how Camp Achieve will work:

Students will sign up for two 3-day minicamps: June 23, 24, 25 and July 28, 29, 30 from 9:30-2:30 daily plus one lunchtime meet-up at a park the week of July 7. Teachers will check in with students at home who are unable to meet up the week of July 7. Teachers will remain connected with their class via Seesaw from June 23 through August 14.

During the minicamps, students will engage in STEAM activities and prepare for time away from camp - which includes picking out books to take home with them, practicing Dreambox, and choosing a journal. While students are away from school, teachers will check in with them via Seesaw to encourage them to read, complete Dreambox lessons, and write in their journal.

This year, Camp Achieve will be held at Vose Elementary School. Students from Raleigh Park, Raleigh Hills, Montclair and Vose will be invited to attend. We will provide bus transportation to the two minicamps from a few specific bus stops. Breakfast and lunch will be provided to all students for free.

There will be a Family Meeting in early June, and a Parent/Guardian is expected to attend one of the available meetings dates. Dates will be sent out in May. At this meeting, we will explain the summer expectations and address any technology questions. We will also check out devices to families who need one over the summer. In order to participate in Camp Achieve, students must have signed Google Permission forms on file at their home school.

We hope you plan to reserve your spot in Camp Achieve! Applications should open after Spring Break. The first 150 students to apply from these four schools are guaranteed a spot (pending approval of our BEF application)! Your students will get the opportunity to have a summer-long connection with a teacher who is reminding them to read, write, and think mathematically, suggesting new book titles, and cheering for their progress. Please consider signing up!

Novel Coronavirus News

The Beaverton School District continues to monitor and be in close communication with the Washington County Health Dept. We will follow their guidance and provide accurate information as it becomes available.

During this season when the flu and other viruses are circulating, we advise students and staff to stay home if they have a fever or other flu-like symptoms. Consult your physician if you have concerns or questions.

Kindergarten Registration

We are now enrolling kindergartners for the 2020-2021 school year.

Any child who will be five (5) years of age on or before September 1, 2020 is now eligible to enroll for Kindergarten. Online Registration is available for new student enrollment. Parents/guardians will need to provide a birth certificate and immunization record at the time of enrollment. Raleigh Hills will hold our Kindergarten Orientation on April 7th at 6pm. Look for more information as that date draws closer.

For more information on registering your child for Kindergarten, including Immunization Requirements and much more, please visit the Kindergarten Information webpage.

Year Books

MS Families! It's time to order your RHS yearbook. Download the ReplayIt app (available for ios or android). You can buy your yearbook, create an ad/shout-out, and upload photos to be used in the yearbook! Questions? email Brittney Clark britmclark@msn.com