Architectural drafter

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Job Description

Architectural drafters work with architects to create detailed drawings of homes, office buildings, and other structures. Their drawings are used by construction workers and contractors to ensure that all parts the buildings they construct match the architect's specifications.

Education Requirements

Completion of an associate's degree program, available at community colleges and technical institutes, is the usual requirement for obtaining an entry-level architectural drafting position. Relevant degree programs include architectural drafting or architectural design technology. Depending on the program, you may take classes in CADD, design, drafting theory and sketching. High school coursework in computer graphics and technology, math and science can help you prepare for an associate's program in architectural drafting.

Salary and Location

Median pay for Architectural Drafters in the United States is around $17.82 per hour. Total cash compensation to Architectural Drafters bottoms out near $27K and approaches $55K on the high end; the biggest paychecks include approximately $3K from bonuses and almost $8K from profit sharing. Location is the biggest factor affecting pay for this group, followed by tenure.

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