Truth vs. Hypnosis

What really happened to the Japanese during World War II


These young, Japanese boys were taken from their home and dropped off in prison camps. This fence kept them from the real world and their home.

(Picture taken from A Fence Away from Freedom by Ellen Levine. Picture by Alan Miyatake of Toyo Miyatake Studio, 1944.)


The women pictured on the right have smiles on their faces as they are being taken away. The source of this picture was from an informational video during the time from the American government.

(Picture taken from the "Japanese American Internment" video)

The Contrast

These two pictures contrast entirely with meaning. The information that the government gave to the "true Americans" was completely incorrect. The first picture above shows the truth of the confusion and monstrosity the U.S. government caused when they uprooted everyone of Japanese descent out of their homes and brought them to the prison camps far away from the real world. The second picture above shows how the government tried to persuade everyone else that they were doing what was best for the country in the best way possible. The truth in this situation is that the Japanese were forced, horribly, to leave and go to terrible living conditions.