The planet Earth is 4.54 billion years old and full of lush lands and oceans with many different types of species. Although it's not as old or as big as some of the planets that you are traveling from it is still a great place to find relaxation and adventure. With over 196.9 million square miles, there is plenty of space to explore and find whatever you are looking for in your vacation. Earth was formed by the collisions of other small celestial objects to the once boiling sea of lava. These collisions formed the lush and full of life lands and oceans that cover our planet. From space earth looks like a big mixture of blues, greens, and whites, but as you get closer and further into our atmosphere you will see the lands and oceans starting to take shape. From space you will also see our single moon and the star of our galaxy in which the planet revolve around a star, known as the sun. One of our planets best attributes is all of our planets resources that create our many different climates and organisms. This is what sets Earth apart from other planets, our diverse regions that allow for many different activities and adventures.
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The planet Earth has four divisions of the year called seasons where weather patterns and daylight hours change resulting from the Earth's position in relation to the sun. For your trip you should bring shorts, pants, formal wear, t-shirts (short and long sleeve), swim suits, a variety of shoes, jackets and warm clothing, as well as clothes/accessories to protect you from the sun. These things will all be necessary because of Earth's varying temperatures through out the planet and according to the season it is at the time of your visit. Rotation and revolution are what create the seasons as well as day and night. Rotation is the spinning of the Earth on it's axis, which creates day and night. Revolution is the period of time it takes the Earth to travel around the sun (it takes 365.25 days= 1 year+ 1 leap day). Earth's energy comes from the sun. The sun creates this energy through a process called nuclear fusion (when two hydrogen atoms combine and form a helium atom). In the Milky Way galaxy all of the objects in our solar system are spherical because of the gravity pulling on the matter from all directions. Light years are the time it takes light to travel in one year, 186,000 miles per second. The force responsible for the formation of the solar system is gravity in our solar system.