Red Magic - The Miracle Transformer

Red Cabbage works wonders for pH indicating

The sorcery explained...

Although it may look like magic at a glance, Red Magic is really just simple science. In acids, Red Magic resides at a reddish-pink, depending on the strength of the acid involved. In bases, Red Magic resides at a blueish green or greenish yellow, depending on the bases strength. This happens because the concentration of hydrogen overcomes Red Magic's balance and tips it towards the reddish-pink color. The same happens on the other side, as the concentration of hydroxide overcomes Red Magic's balance resulting in the blueish green or yellow color.

The amazing list of uses:

  • Middle Schools; A lab allowing kids to see the difference between acids and bases through color change would be exciting and educational!
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Make your OWN pH Indicator from Red Cabbage!
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