Texas State University

Jeanette Diego

Where is Texas State located?

Texas State University is located in San Marcos Tx, home to 54,076 people and school for 35,568 bobcats (in 2013).



for in state residents, the tuition itself would be a total of $5,918 per year and $15,122 for out of state. both would be paying $7,800 for room and board. However, there may sometimes be exceptions in which an out of state student may qualify as an in-state.


For many people it is essential to have a room which will make it easier to transport into their classrooms and especially for out of state students. At Texas State an on campus dorm will cost you $7,800 and $6,980 for off campus.

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SAT: you must score a 1500 out of 2400

ACT: 18 English, 22 reading, 22 math, 23 science

GPA: 3 GPA, transfer GPA, Texas GPA

Texas state only accepts the top 10% and those who meet the SAT and ACT scores. The SAT and ACT are tests taken to prove your college readiness.

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More about Texas State

Texas State was first named the Southwest Texas State Normal School in 1903 when it first opened. it has changed names 7 times in the last 112 years and was composed of 57.6% freshman applicants in 2013.

I would love to major in nursing and become a registered nurse, more in depth, a hospice nurse to enhance and make patients as comfortable and happy as possible until their last day. a foreign language is not required but would be very helpful. I plan on later enrolling at St. David’s School of Nursing which is an organization/school contributing to texas state.