Matt P.

career development Period 7

Left or right brain project

I am right brained or in other words I am a dog lover and very logical. I prefer classical music, also like to be a music critic, never absent minded, cant be hipnotyzed, and i am skilled at secuencing ideas.

E= Extrusion

People who prefer extroversion tend to focus on the outer world of people and things.

N= Intuition

People who prefer intuition tend to focus on the future with a view towards patterns and possibilities.

T= Thinking

People who prefer thinking tend to base their decisions on logic and objective analysis of cause and effect.

P= Perseption

People who prefer perception tend to flexible and spontaneous approach to life and things.
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The College I Have Chosen

I have chosen the Irish Management Institute because i have always liked the background of Ireland and feel like I would have a wonderful time learning about how to manage all kinds of business types.