Third Grade News

May 30, 2016

What are we learning?

Math: classify and sort 3 dimensional solids.

Reading: sequence and summarize the plot’s main events and explain their influence on future events.

Writing/Grammar: write legibly in cursive script with spacing between words in a sentence; revise drafts for coherence, organization, use of simple and compound sentences, and audience; edit drafts for grammar, mechanics, and spelling.

Science: explore that some characteristics of organisms are inherited such as number of limbs on an animal or flower color and recognize that some behaviors are learned in response to living in a certain environment such as animals using tools to get food.

Social Studies: identify examples of how a simple business operates.

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School Supply Information!

Prepackaged school supply packs are now on sale!

You can visit

and enter our school code SPE038 (that’s a zero, not an O). Be sure to order for the grade your child will be in next year!

Important Announcements

May 30th- Memorial Day- School Holiday

June 1st- Awards Ceremony (last day of school) 11:30 am

Birthday Treats!

  • Birthday treats may be dropped off in the office for student consumption at the end of the day.

  • Any birthday or party treats must be store bought.

  • Parents nor siblings are allowed in the classroom at that time.

Watch My Latest Lesson! Click on the following links to watch videos of various topics that your third grader is learning.

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Healthy Snack: The students will eat a healthy snack around 2:00 each afternoon. Please send a snack that does not require the use of utensils. The students continue to work as they eat their snacks. Also, please send a water bottle with your child each day. Please send water only in the bottle.