Oregon Trail Journal

The story of me, my family, and our hardships.

Day 1

Going West!

Since Ma and Pa died, none of us can keep up the farm. I have to take care of the six young'ns, and I'm only 15. There's Happy Mask Salesman, who's 14, Saria, who's 12, Navi, who's 11, Kaepora Gaebora, who's 8, Tingle, who's 7, and Impa, who's 5. Ma and Pa made sure to leave us a little bit of money, and I'll have to figure out how to use it wisely.

We've decided to go West. In the wagon train is a preacher, a trader, a blacksmith, and a few other townspeople. They elected me wagon leader, even though I'm just a kid. So far, our wagon train is running strong. We all hope the trip to the Pacific will be swift and safe.

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Day 2

Organization of Goods and Encountering Chiefs

Though much of today was spent categorizing and organizing resources, several important thing took place. One of the members of my wagon train lost a child. Collins was fatally crushed under a wagon's wheel. We can only pray that this is the last casualty on our trip to the Pacific. I'll be sure to be more careful with my young'ns.

Along the trail, we came to a Native American tribe. All the wagon train leaders were challenged to balance a book on our head, while holding two books straight away from us. I was only able to pass by finagling with the rules, so he gave us half the normal reward. We passed safely through these people's lands, which is all that really matters.

Day 3

Dumping Resources

I spent days organizing our wagon, but we've reached difficult land. The animals are becoming weak and sick. In order to avoid overburdening our beasts, we have to dump materials. We don't know if the things we're throwing out will be useful later, but we need to get to the Pacific before winter. Maybe I'll get time to organize resources later.

Little Impa was run over by a wagon wheel today. There was a short period of panic before we realized she was totally okay. This will hopefully sharpen my vigilance. Just to be safe, I later took the ferry across a speeding river on the trail.

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Day 4

In Loving Memory...

Winter's setting in. Nobody expected it would take this long to get to the Pacific. The route we had taken turned out to be blocked, and we were forced to turn around. We can only hope to survive long enough to start our new lives in the West. After extensive deliberation, our wagon train decided to follow the other trains, and go on Massacre Trail.

We're at the end of Massacre Trail and snow is quickly falling. Do we charge right through to the Pacific? Do we turn back? We decide that turning back would be the best for our families. I tried... I tried to save us, but my skills weren't good enough. We are stuck in the snow without shelter. Without food. Without water. All we can do is to hope we see our Ma and Pa in Heaven...


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