Mesopotamia, The First Civilization

By: Ogle, O'Neill, and Piskadlo


Culture is a very important aspect of civilization. In ancient Mesopotamia, they invented so many era-changing innovations such as bronze and iron. They also invented pulleys, arches, wheels, saws, chisels, and levers. They were the first everything, the Romans learned from the Greeks who learned from the Egyptians, who learned from the Mesopotamians, who didn’t learn from anyone. They developed the first civilization. This was guided by their culture. Their religion controlled and determined most of daily life activities. Their writing changed the way business dealings were done and history was kept. Their Architecture and Art impacted the study of mathematics, science and engineering. Their Innovations allowed for the creation of job specialization and a wider gap between social classes. Their achievements paved the way for more complex economic and military systems. The cultural developments during the river valley civilizations made the largest impact on people.

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Writing Fact List

  • Ancient Mesopotamians used a type of writing called cuneiform this changed history because it opened up a whole new world to them.

  • This changed business because instead of memorizing all of their sales they were able to write it down and record it.

  • This also changed the way rules and laws were kept because instead of spreading it verbally and the laws not getting to everyone he wrote it on the walls of the town letting everyone know of king Hammurabi's code.

  • This also changed religion and beliefs because they could keep the legends and gods that they believed in instead of memorizing all of them.

  • Lastly, writing changed ancient mesopotamia because they had people with the job of a scribe who wrote all of the things that happened there this was a lot better than just forgetting about everything.

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Achievements Fact List

  • The achievements in ancient Mesopotamia were very big due to the reason they were very smart and intelligent.

  • They were the first ever successful civilization, this was a big achievement because to be the first of something and to not learn from anyone else is big.

  • Another achievement is that they had a great military system so every conquest led them to expand their size this was a great achievement especially for being the first civilization.

  • Another achievement is that when they expanded they were able to have a bigger population and expand their army to make them even stronger.

  • Lastly, they made many innovations and when they made a new one it would be more complex than the last system or idea they did this so much and this is why they were so successful.


The culture of ancient Mesopotamia was a very important aspect there. The religion controlled daily life. The writing changed the way they kept history. Their art & architecture influenced the study of science, engineering, and mathematics. Their innovations allowed for job specialization and a wider gap between social classes. Lastly, their achievements paved the way for more complex economic and military systems. Mesopotamia was the civilization on which today’s society was built off of because it was the first ever civilization. They were impacted by their culture in every way. The Mesopotamian culture was very important even today.