Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

Darayus Sethna,- January 28, 2016- 6th Period-"DOGO News"

Expected to Attract Millions of Visitors from Around the Globe

Harbin is the capital of China's Heilongjiang Province. This city has some of the most bitter winters in the country. However, on January 5th, 2016, the festival opened its doors to the world's largest ice and snow structures.

The History of This Event

The annual Harbin Ice and Snow Festival established in 1963 as a simple garden show. Now, sculptures and artist from all of the corners of the globe go to the Songhua River with their ice pickers, lasers, and chisels to construct ice sculptures for the festival. Most of these sculptures are inspired by Chinese fairy tales and myths.

Paragraph Summary (Major Conclusion)

In Conclusion, I believe that this article is newsworthy because it includes people from all over the world and it represents the artistic ability from sculptures around the world. This essentially represents the cultural differences around the world as well.
Harbin Ice Festival 2016 (part 2)