Sperry Top Sider

Olivia Carruthers

Private Corporation

  • There is limited liability
  • It is easy to raise money

Paul Sperry started making Sperry' s in 1935 when he was trying to find a shoe that was going to prevent him from falling when working on slippery ship decks.

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  1. He got the idea for the traction from his dog's paws.
  2. The Cruising Club requested enough Sperry's for each member to keep the men safe while they were on the ship deck.
  3. During World War II Sperry's were thought to be one of the best shoes for the U.S. Navy
  4. Sperry Top Sider became popular when the Kennedy's were pictured on a family vacation wearing them.


I would invest in Sperry Top Sider because many shoes trend for a while and then they are not bought and the company loses money. Sperry seems to be a need for many people and a trend for others therefore the company is still making money not losing money.