Mapping The Road To My Career

Yessenia Arciniega

Career Goal

My career goal is to become a Pediatrician.

Short-Term and Short-Term Goals

A goal that I hope to achieve in the next year is to graduate high school.

A goal I would like to achieve in the next few years to help achieve my career goals is go and graduate college.

Educational Requirements include College Information

Educational requirements are to complete bachelor's degree program then go pursue medical degree in a medical school.

Certification is a Licensing Board.

Training requirements are to train in medical care and treatment to children and adolescent.

Achievements, Skills and Interest

My accomplishments to reach my future career goal is I'm in health since and HOSA.

My skills are I like taking care of children, I'm very friendly and caring.

Potential Obstacles and How you place to overcome these Obstacles

1. Pass all my state test.

2. Study and get high scores on my SAT's.

3. Work to save up money for college.

4. Graduate High School.

Steps you will take to Achieve Goal

1. Pass my state test.

2. Get high scores on SAT's.

3. Have a good GPA.

4. Graduate High School.

5. Go and get accepted to college.

6. Do my basic's.

7. Get my Bachelor's degree.

8. Get my Medical degree.

9. Get my Licensing Board and train in Medical Care.

10. Graduate college and become Pediatrician.

Define Personal and Professional Success

I'm going to be a Pediatrician working in a health clinic and living in Downtown, Houston.

I will hopefully be married with one or two kids. I would have a Range Rover living in a big house with a Husky. Also I would like to have a lot of money saved up.