PRJHS Weekly Update

February 8 - February 19, 2016


Social Media

  • Instagram - pinelandsjhs
  • Twitter - @pinelandsjhs
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Upcoming Events

  • Leadership Council Meeting: Tuesday, March 1, JHS Media Center
  • Progress Reports: MP 3 Progress Reports are due on Thursday, March 3
  • Fiddler on the Roof: March 3-5 and March 10-12, 7:00 PM High School Auditorium
  • Department Meetings: Tuesday, March 8
  • Pi Day Cafe: Wednesday, March 16, JHS Cafeteria


We officially have an ISS teacher, Mr. Chris Lonzson. When you see him, please give him a warm Pinelands welcome. He started this week and will be in room A213. Glad to have you on board Chris!
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Fiddler on the Roof

Hello Staff Members,

This just in......

Any staff member who attends a Thursday night production of Fiddler on the Roof will receive Throwback Thursday pricing by using the coupon code below during checkout!! That's right, you can purchase one adult ticket at $10 dollars, saving $2 on online pricing!

You must use your PRSD email address when purchasing tickets with the coupon offer. Coupon is only for use by PRSD staff for their personal use. This coupon is not for use by the general public. Any misuse will result in cancellation of the tickets associated with the transaction and immediate end of the coupon offer.

Coupon Code: lutherbillis

Coupon is valid now so you can start purchasing your tickets immediately!!

Character Counts - Caring Recipients

  • Rachel Germain

  • Hailey Nutt

  • Hayden Jeannotte

  • Connor Harris

  • Andrew Werling

  • James Mingis

  • Andrew Bartlett

  • Lindsey Maffei

  • Ashley Rao Slape

  • Calista VaCirca

  • Tahj Tyler

  • Jennifer Reeves

  • Philip Barker

  • Rafael Fontanes

  • Rachel Eng

  • Austin Yang

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Recycling Club

On Wednesday, February 4, 2016, the Ocean County Department of Solid Waste Management and Little Egg Harbor Public Works, presented a recycling program in the Media Center. The Director of Public Works and Deputy Mayor also spoke to the teens. Everyone was encouraged to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

In total, 66 students have joined the Recycling Club under the guidance of Leslie Karvan, Joe Radice and Linda Hooper.

Below is their recycling plan:

  • Student "Recycling Specialists" push recycling carts down each hall.
  • Homeroom teachers assign two students to empty homeroom blue recycling bin into cart during the daily announcements.
  • Art Club students are creating posters to hang above each recycling bin in every room.
  • Fishing Club students are writing recycling advertisements.
  • Future plans may include a second visit to the JHS to speak with faculty about recycling in May.