Donor Gratitude Month

What do pie & donors have in common?

Thanksgiving is not complete without both of them!

For Soulation, Thanksgiving means expressing gratitude to our donor team.

Each Thursday in November, enjoy a new part of “Donor Gratitude Month.” You’ll meet a different donor weekly (we wish we could introduce each of them!).

On Thanksgiving Day, watch a special tribute from healed souls who want to say “Thanks.” Email us ( to join the tribute!

After all, without donors, we could never provide mentorship, spiritual healing, and thoughtful discussion toward “becoming more fully human, like Jesus.”

See Week Two: Meet Cathy

Meet Chase and Alicia

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Chase & Alicia are a married pair of seminary students in Los Angeles. Between the two of them, they work as an adjunct professor, a doula, a Realtor, a young adult pastor, a mentor, and a coordinator for university diversity efforts.

We’ve enjoyed having Chase and Alicia attend Soulation Gatherings, and are grateful for their consistent support for many years.

What is your personal history with the modern church in America?

Chase: Both Alicia and I grew up in predominantly homogenous, middle-class, white, evangelical churches. Through separate journeys, we now attend a small church plant in a Chinese and Latino, working class neighborhood, where Alicia co-pastors the young adults, and I serve in various pastor’s husband-y roles — and we both are constantly learning from others about Jesus and how to be human.
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Who found Soulation first? Chase or Alicia?

Alicia: I discovered first Soulation after hearing Jonalyn speak on Biola University’s campus, where I was a student at the time (2008). Her message on femininity was challenging, inspiring, and freeing. It quenched some questions I had had for a long time, and made me thirsty with more questions. Soulation became the well from which I was able to taste deeper waters.

Do you have one favorite talk, article, or book that you always come back to?

Chase: As an adjunct faculty member of Biola University, my favorite Soulation talk that I constantly return to, and refer out, is Jonalyn’s 2012 campus address on the goods of cultivating cross-sex friendships. It is one of very few talks that exacted a lasting impact on Biola's campus. Still today, conversations about her talk exist, as paradigms shifted and invisible chains of shame were loosed—in my life, and in the lives of students navigating friendships and dating.

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What makes Soulation stand out?

We are drawn to Soulation’s desire to help people become more fully human. Many ministries focus on crises and problem-fixing. Soulation moves beyond deficits and examines the assets of our collective human experience. Like a renaissance, Soulation cultivates a creative community where thriving is the norm, and goods like beauty, integrity and freedom are faithfully and thoughtfully engaged.

Join Chase and Alicia to help heal souls!

You can partner today to help us keep responding to questions without pat answers! As one friend says, "Soulation should not be Christianity's best-kept secret!"

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