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Keep calm bid & auction on!

Gypsywares Auction House (Facebook Group)

Hello and welcome fellow junkers and lovers of thrift stores and yard sales! Some call it junk, I call it fabulous treasures. Come on in and make your self at home. Feel free to post your items and with the help of admin you will be running your own auction! If this is your first time you may feel little intimidated at first, (when I went to my first auction I sure did!) But do not let that detour you from participating. We have a lot of fun in here and in auctioning everyone gets a chance to win! Now go on and post your treasures feel that adrenaline rush as the time draws near when your item is about to close or that last bid is placed on that treasure that you can not keep your mind off of is about to come to a end. Are you ready? YEEEEEEEEEPPP!!!!! Going once! Going twice! SOLD!

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