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Early detection of changes in breast health

Appointment Reminder October / November 16

(Spain 28 October - 2 November, 2016)

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Your Thermal Breast Health Screening Reminder

3 Month or Yearly Follow Up

Some of you may have already been in contact with me, but for those of you who haven't, I am writing to you to remind you of your follow up appointment, because it has been approximately 3 months or one year since your last DITI breast scan. This time we will only need about 30 to 45 minutes for the appointment.

The 3 month follow-up appointment is important as it establishes an accurate and stable baseline of the normal vascular anatomy of your breasts. This baseline is used in comparative analysis with all future annual screenings, which will help us detect any inflammation or changes occurring in your breasts due to hormones (oestrogen) or an abnormal circulation.

The yearly follow-up appointment is important as an ongoing way of monitoring your breast health over time, and is an assessment of your risk of developing breast disease in the future.

3 Month Follow up:

if you paid in full on your first appointment, then there is nothing more to pay. If you chose split payment and you only paid for the first appointment, which is £/€130, you will need to pay the remainder of £/€100 for the follow-up.

The cost of your yearly follow up is £/€125

Medical Thermography or DITI is an adjunctive screening procedure and is suitable for women of all ages, especially for those (younger) women, who have dense breast tissue and where mammography is much less accurate (17% compared to 85% in post menopause); where mammography is not yet offered; women with small or large breasts; breast implants; or those women who want to be sure that their breasts do not receive radiation or any pressure.
Full and half body screenings are also available.

I look forward to seeing you soon.
Kindest regards,
Janet van Dam (member ACCT)

Email janetvandam@live.com

Like any other screening method ....

..... its value lies in the fact that we keep comparing results at regular intervals to be able to identify any early changes in the breasts which could indicate disease.

Revision de 3 meses o annual

Yo le escrito para recordar a su revision despuis 3 meses para establecer su linea base de salud de los pechos o el revision anual. Como otras formas de revision, la importancia es comparar los resultados sobre los anos para observar cambios debido a la inflamacion, hormonas o un circulacion anormal que puede significa infermedad.

Revision Inicial incluido despuis 3 meses 230 Euros
Revision Annual 125 Euros
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Thermography & Nutrtional Coaching Prices

Breast incl. 3 month follow up £/€230
1 Region or yearly Breast £/€125
Half Body incl.1 x Breast Imaging / excl. follow up £/€245
Full Body incl.1 x Breast Imaging / excl. follow up £/€275

Breast follow up after 3 months £/€100

Nutritional Coaching
2 1/2 hours £/€95 including instructions
Follow ups £/€40 per hour

Cancellation Fee £/€40

Please note that I charge a cancellation fee of £/€ 40 if you fail to let me know you cannot keep your appointment to cover my room rent and my time travelling to the venue where I meet you for your screening: 2 days in advance. If you rebook before 48 hours, the cancellation fee is waived. If you need to cancel last minute within the 2 days, I may be able to be flexible depending on the genuinity of your reason for cancelling.

Future Reminders

If you no longer wish to receive your reminders,

please send me an email to inform me.

Thank you.