Ecological footprint

by Jadon Peare

my website and score of ecological footprint website

what it means to have a ecological footprint

it is the human impact on earth and its ecosystems

and example of this could amount of resources we use like wood , gas etc

why did i pick this calculator and what did i learn

I picked this calculator because it was easy and it didn't have any dumb questions. I learned that based upon the questions they ask they can come up with an amount of things like planets or planes etc and how much that will equal compared to how much we use.

from the video how do they define carbon market

it is a market that is created from trading of emissions to encourage or help other countries and companies to limit their carbon dioxide emissions.

5 ways to reduce carbon footprint

buy in bulk

turn off all lights when you leave the room

turn of water when you brush your teeth

reduce driving such as walking or biking

switch paperless billing