What are the Measles ?

It is a virus that is contagious through air born mostly in your children but can be caught by adults. It is a rash that starts on the face and then works it's way down the body. This rash is the effect of the virus inside the body doing harm to the immune system.
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-High fever


-Running nose

-Watery eyes

-Leading eventually to a rash throughout the body

What is the Vaccine ?

-MMR fights of measels, mumps and rubella

-Contains weakened versions of live measels, mumps and rubella viruses

-It triggers the immune system to produces antibodies needed to fight off the virus

When should one take the vaccine ?

-At a young age

-First dose @ 12-15 months

Second dose @4-6 years of age

Who can/can not take the vaccine ?

-ANYONE can get the vaccine

-recommended to receive at a young age

-Adults can receive if not vaccinated as a child

-Severe allergic reaction after first shot should NOT receive the second dosage

-If allergic to gelatin/neomycin should NOT

-If immune system is weak due to cancer, drugs, corticosteroids/AIDS should NOT

Benefits of Vaccine ?

-Measles are the leading cause of death among young children so it reduces the amount of deaths per year.

-75% drop of deaths per year with the vaccine between 2000-2013 worldwide

-Before the vaccine there were 2.6 million deaths per year.


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