The working AP student/athelete

By: Don Shelby

About me

I am originally from Kansas City, Missouri. I moved to Belton my freshman year of high school. My family consists of my dad, my sister, and myself. My parents are divorced and see my mom quite often. In my free time I like to do research on different topics. These topics usually involve things pertaining to the medical field because that is something that has always caught my interest. In my free time, I also enjoy running, swimming, and lifting weights. I run track (hurdler) here at Belton and I am a member of HOSA (Health occupation Students of America.

This Winter break was pretty unproductive, but it was a time of much needed rest. I got a lot of hours in at work so I was able to get more experience since it is a new job. I spent a lot of time with my family over break since it was Christmas. On Christmas eve I helped the little kids in my family bake cookies and on Christmas day we all spent time at my grandmother's house to exchange gifts. My favorite Christmas gift was from my aunt and it was a selfie stick. I feel like this showed she really knows me well.

Future plans

Journey to Medicine

When I grow up, I want to become a Pulmonary physician. It has always been a dream for me to become a doctor and I believe everyone should live out their dreams. I plan on attending Johns Hopkins University and majoring in Biology. After my undergrad, I plan on staying at JHU for medical school. I dedicate a major part in my life to my journey into the medical field. I do this my taking challenging courses and focusing on being well rounded