Industrial Age

Kortni Holcomb

Hay market riot

Who: 7 people died at The Haymarket Riot/ bombing. At first the day started out calm and peaceful supporting workers that were striking out for 8 hour work days.

What: The Haymakers Riot

When: May 4th 1886

Where: Chicago Illinois

Why: workers wanted 8 hours work days. There were 7 deaths and over 50 wounded

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Central Pacific Railroad

Who: Comuters cross country travel time cut down.

What: Central Pacific Railroad.

When: 1863- April 1885 continued as S.P. leased line until 1959.

Where: Starts in Sacramento CA ends in Ogden Utah.

Why: Railroads were only in a few areas so the country needed more miles of track to get more places.

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Henry Bessemer

Who: Henry Bessemer was born January 19 1813 in Charlton Hertfordshire England.

What: The Bessemer process. The process to turn iron into steel.

When: August 24 1854

Where: Charlton Hertfordshire England

Why: To make iron into steel without using fuel

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Andrew Carnegie

Who: Andrew Carnegie was born November 25th 1835

What: Led enormous expansion of American steel industry

When: Late 19th century

Where: New York, New York

Why: Steel was beginning to take up a lot of the natural resources

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