Local News Update


Currently in Iraq CACI employes are alleged to have been part of a group that tortured Iraq's detained by American troops, depriving them of food and water, according to federal court documents, the complaint contends that the the detainees were ''brutally tortured" by US-led forces, including CACI employes, adding that all four torture victims continue to suffer from physical and mental injuries related to the abuse, the report states.Also in Iraq news bad weather cut oil exports from Iraq's basra parts to 960,000 barrels per day on saturday from Iraq's exports the bulk of its crude from its southern ports at the Gulf and bad weather and technical issues had made it difficult for the OPEC members to keep shipments steady.Also in other news Iraqis security forces search protesters and imposed tight security measures around a downtown demonstration staged to show support to the prime minister, and also has been facing angry protest in sunni provinces for the past three weeks as the sunni minority protest what they call discrimination by the shiite-led government.


Recent news tells us that after a failed attempt, Iranian space officials are once again going to launch a live monkey into space. If they succeed in this futile effort, they hope to send a man into space by 2020 and to the moon by 2025. Only days after the U.S. ambassador to Yemen had challenged Iran on it's interferences in Yemen, which accused Tehran of supporting political instability in Yemen, Iran was quick to retaliate with both the Iranian ambassador and Iran's foreign ministry spokesman calling the accusations "baseless and fallacious". Then, the U.S. prevents the Syrian government from completing reforms. A senior Iranian diplomat censured the U.S. and other western states for preventing the reforms envisaged and promised by the Syrian government from completion.