Elementary Express Newsletter

April 2016

Grades EC-5 April 2016 At-A-Glance

April 4-8 - Elementary Campus / Teacher Conference Week

April 4-8 - Scholastic Book Fair at the Elementary Campus

April 4 - 5th Grade Planetarium Field Trip - Mrs. Frank's and Ms. Bowen's class

April 6 - 5th Grade Planetarium Field Trip - Mr. Wells' and Ms. Meulman's class

April 7 - Elementary Campus / Related Arts Conference Night

April 11-15 - Tornado Awareness Week / District wide

April 11-May 20 - Forward State Testing / Grades 3-5

April 12 - 9th Annual Open Mic. Poetry Night at the High School. 6:30pm, K-12 welcome.

April 13 - Summer School Online Registration begins at 7:00pm

April 14 - Elementary Campus - PJ Day

April 15 - NO SCHOOL - Teacher Professional Development Day

April 19 - 4th Grade GIRLS Human Growth and Development Night.

6:30pm in WIS Commons.

April 19-21 - Three Year Old Screening @ Madison Curling Club

April 21 - 4th Grade Field Trip - Capital/Historical Museum/MMoCA - Mr. Meeks and Mr. Browns class

April 21 - 4th Grade BOYS Human Growth and Development Night.

6:30pm in WIS Commons

April 21 - Parent orientation for incoming 5K parents @ CEELC gym, 7:00pm

April 22 - 4th Grade Field Trip - Capital/Historical Museum/MMoCA - Ms. Hanneman, Mrs. Chapman, Ms. Lawler, Mr. Krueger, Mrs. Johannes, Mrs. Scharpf/Johnson

April 22 - PTO Sponsored SOCK HOP @ WIS Gym 6:30pm - 8:00pm

April 23 - McFarland Community Service Day

April 28 - Kindergarten Music Program - MPS Gym

5:30pm - Kuehl, Heim, Marking, Paugel

6:30pm - Dettlaff, Cook, Gray, Mosso

Dates to look forward to in May...

May 2 - Incoming 6th grade Parent Information meeting at IMMS cafeteria @ 6:30pm

May 4 - Orchestra Exploratory Night for 4th Graders, 5:30

May 4 - Bike to School Day

May 6 - NO SCHOOL - Staff Development

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Summer school plans are well under way. Information on registration for classes is now online. Registration date will be April 13. If your child is recommended for academic classes this summer, it is our hope and expectation that you will further support your child by enrolling them in the recommended summer school programs. These ongoing learning opportunities will benefit the child as they prepare for the upcoming school year. Please see attached flyer for additional information.

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CEELC/Primary Campus Information

For the latest information about our schools, including upcoming important dates, simply go into the district web page at http://www.mcfarland.k12.wi.us/ and link into the Elementary Campus site.

From the Desk of Principal Sarah Boatman...

Dear Families,

I hope you had a wonderful spring break!

We have had wonderful music programs in first and second grade. Thank you for being a part of these special events. The kindergarten music program will be the end of April.

Thank you for sending your child in warm clothes. It is a great idea to keep a hat and gloves in your child's backpack. We still have days when it is chilly and students need to be bundled.

We are looking forward to conferences, please let us know if you have any questions!

Sarah Boatman


Elementary Campus

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5K Parent Orientation

Parents of children attending 5K in Fall 2016 are welcome to attend the Parent Orientation Session this spring. The session will take place in the C.E. Early Learning Center gym.

Thursday, April 21, 7:00 pm @ CEELC

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Kindergarten Music Program

Due to supervision reasons, the doors of McFarland Primary School will remain locked until 5:15 or 15 minutes prior to the start of the music program scheduled for Wednesday, April 28th at 5:30 & 6:30.

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Summer School 2016

If your child is recommended to attend summer school 2016, please seriously consider having your child attend on a daily basis. When you attend your child’s parent/teacher conference in April, your child’s teacher will notify you if your child is recommended for summer school. Summer classes are specifically designed to help address the “summer slide” which refers to the amount of learning lost over the summer if children do not participate in math/reading summer programs.

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Calling Poets of All Ages!

9th Annual Open Mic Poetry Night

Master of Ceremonies: Tom Mooney

Save the Date: Tuesday April 12, 2016

Students submit original poems to homeroom teachers by Friday, April 1, 2016

** See flier below for more details!**

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Early Years

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The treats and refreshments during Parent Teacher Conference are much appreciated. Having members of PTO provide a light meal to staff is a significant gesture of your generosity.
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Waubesa Intermediate School Information...

For the latest information about our schools, including upcoming important dates, simply go into the district web page at http://www.mcfarland.k12.wi.us/ and link into the Waubesa Intermediate School site.

From the Desk of Principal Sue Murphy...

Dear Waubesa Families,

It was great seeing so many of you at the recent 4th & 5th grade Art and Music Programs! The students performed well and provided all of us with great entertainment. The evening celebrations really confirm for me the importance of the arts in our schools. We appreciate your support.

Spring is arriving soon and should bring with it a bit of warm weather. Spring also brings some fluctuation in temperatures. Wearing layers to school is the best way for students to always remain comfortable during the school day and at recess times. During these warmer months we may also see students wearing clothes that violate our school dress code. Please take a few minutes to review the Parent-Student Handbook section on Dress Code included in this newsletter with your sons and/or daughters to make sure they are aware of the code.

Sue Murphy


Waubesa Intermediate School

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Research suggests a close relationship between dress and student attitude and behavior at school. We believe that school is like the students’ job and that clothing should fit the occasion and not interfere with other students’ education. The limits that are imposed relate to health, safety, cleanliness, distraction, or indecency, as well as the developmental level of our students.

The WIS dress code includes the following:

  • Wearing clothing, jewelry, or other accessories with profanity, lewd, vulgar or suggestive writing, symbols, or pictures, as well as any other clothing or attire that may create a disruptive, unhealthy, or unsafe learning atmosphere is not allowed. These include, but are not limited to, clothes with references to alcohol, tobacco/cigarettes, drugs, drug paraphernalia, violence, profanity, and sexual activity, sexual innuendo, and sexual body parts, or clothing that could be easily interpreted to imply such items or activities.

  • Shoes must be worn in and around the school building. Bedroom slippers are not allowed except on school-sanctioned dress up days.

  • Students may not wear open-back shirts, halter-tops, or strapless shirts. Shirts must have two straps.

  • A student’s undergarments should not show at any time. (i.e. boxers, underwear, bra straps, see through blouses on girls, etc.).

  • Students also may not wear very short mini-skirts, dresses or shorts. For skirts and dresses specifically, when a student stands with hands straight at the sides, the bottom of the skirt or dress must hang below the fingertips. Hats and hoods may not be worn in school.

  • The visible display of bandannas is not allowed.

  • Students may not wear chains or objects with sharp points in school.

  • Outside coats may not be worn in classrooms or the lunch line.

Students violating this section will be subject, but not limited to:

  • Request to change clothing
  • Parent conference
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4th Grade Human Growth and Development

Tuesday, April 19th– Girls

Thursday, April 21st– Boys

Meet at 6:30 in the WIS Commons

Forward Exam - State Test

Recently you received a letter and brochure explaining the Forward exam. The spring testing window for this State-wide exam is March 28 - May 20. All students are involved in the testing. If you need to know specific dates (due to appointments) during this window, please contact your student’s teacher directly.

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All parents who drive students to school between 7:30 – 8:00 are asked to drop-off their child in the Red Oak Trail parking lot. This is also the location for pick up after school from 2:40 – 3:10. The parking lot off of Leanne Lane is reserved for staff parking, visitors parking and entering the building, daycare vans, and school buses. Having students cross in front of the buses and daycare vans is dangerous. Thank you for doing your part to make Waubesa safe!


In McFarland, we know that there is no better time than the summer to help your child bridge the gap in learning between the end of the current school year and the beginning of next year. Letters will be sent out soon to all families for students who are recommended for our summer Reading Academy, Math Academy, or Getting Ready classes in reading, and math. If you receive one of these letters, we believe that your son or daughter would greatly benefit from our summer school classes designed to provide academic support.

Registration for all Academies and Getting Ready classes will again be included in online registration, which opens at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, April 13th. Since these classes require teacher referral, access to these classes is restricted to those parents whose children have been referred. Information on the registration process will be included in the letter. For those who have no other access to a computer, a computer lab at Waubesa Intermediate School will be open on April 13th from 7:00 to 8:30 P.M. Please call Jessica Karls at 838-4500 X.5469 to reserve a space.

If you receive a letter recommending participation in these classes, it is extremely important to enroll your child in the recommended class and commit to see that she/he attends class every day.

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A Special Thank You to the PTO and Waubesa Families...

Thank you to the McFarland EC-8 PTO and Waubesa families for supporting staff with dinner on Parent Teacher Conference Night. We appreciate all of their hard work in organizing this greatly appreciated meal.

The Art and Music Programs

The Art and Music shows provided many good reasons to be proud. The programs were simply wonderful and a joy to see. Bravo!! We have a lot to be thankful for and I really appreciated the collective effort given to make it a big success for so many people.

Thank You Parents!

We appreciate your support during conference weeks. It gives teachers an opportunity to discuss your son or daughters progress in class and work towards their goals. It is important that we all work together.
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McFarland EC-8 PTO Sock Hop!

Join us on Friday, April 22 for the McFarland EC-8 PTO from 6:30pm – 8:00pm at the Waubesa Intermediate School. We will be selling pizza, popcorn and many yummy treats made by parents like you!

We ask for a suggested donation of $2.00 per child or $5.00 per family.

**Back by popular demand we will have the silent auction in the cafeteria! Bid on items such as:

  • Pull the fire alarm
  • Extra recess for your class
  • Silly string a teacher

We hope to see you there!

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The following flyers are NOT all school-sponsored activities and the McFarland School District does not provide support or endorsement of the program/flyer. It has neither reviewed nor approved the program, personnel, or activities announced in the brochure/flyer. Permission to distribute this material must not be considered a recommendation or endorsement by the School District.
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