Karina's Sunderland Wind Power

By Karina Lakhani

Wind power

Wind power is the fastest growing renewable energy source. In some countries like Denmark 20% of its energy is from wind power. People use wind turbines to create wind farms. In 1981 there was a wind farm built that now has more then 7 000 machines. Also wind occurs as hot air rises and cool air moves in to take its place. People first used wind power to push sailboats and grind their grain into flour. Also windmills were used almost 4 000 years ago.

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of wind power


Some advantages of wind power are that its a clean source of energy and it doesn't give off pollution unlike fossil fuels, oil and coal when they are burned to make energy. Also wind power is not very expensive to get because once you get wind turbines the wind is free. Also wind turbines take up very little ground and they are often built in fields and pastures. Also you can get wind turbines in lots of different shapes and sizes. Also remote areas that are not connected to the electricity power grid can use wind turbines to produce there own supply.


Some disadvantages of solar power are wind turbines can be very noisey. Also wind turbines don't blow the same speed all the time so you need to store power in batteries or have a backup power supply. Also wind turbines can hurt birds if they fly into the turbine blades. Also at some times the wind turbines will produce no energy. Also many people think that wind turbines are ugly and look bad in fields and pastures.

Why I Think Wind Power is The Best Energy Source for Sunderland

I think wind power is the best energy source for Sunderland because there are are a lot of farms and fields in Sunderland and you put wind turbines in fields and pastures. Also Sunderland is in Saskatchewan and that is very hot. And wind occurs when hot air rises and cool air moves in to take its place and there is probably a lot of hot air in Sunderland.