By Lauren Gomes

What are they?

A motherboard is a key part of your computer responsible for most of processing tasks. It is a printed circuit board (PCB) containing a huge number of components ranging from the CPU (Central Processing Unit) to things like a television tuner. It is usually the most important part of the computer because it is responsible for how fast the computer can run. Some computer 'geeks' call them 'mobos'.

What do they do ?

Motherboards are like the headquarters of the computer, running how information gets sent around the computer. The motherboard will have storage systems on it that allow the computer to save information for later use. Motherboards are now a lot cheaper to produce and have found their way into machines other than computers such as heating controls, washing machines and cars.

How are they made?

How a Motherboard is Made - Futurelooks Visits the GIGABYTE Nan Ping Factory in Taiwan