December News & November Woo-Hoos!!

Celebrating....Thirty-One Style!

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Way to ROCK it out, Ladies!

Team Lawhon was AMAZING in November!! It was our HIGHEST month in team sales so far!! Please mark your calendars for upcoming trainings, events, and incentives!! :)

Be sure to read the entire newsletter......there may be something at the bottom you won't want to miss!! xo

November Overall Sales

November was FABULOUS because of you ladies! Way to Go!!

Team Sales: $11,126 AMAZING!!! (Last Month: $10,116)
Total Parties: 24 (Last Month: 25)
Total Recruits: 2 (Welcome, Amy and Betsi!) (Last Month: 2)


$1,000 + SUPER AMAZING!!

Lindsey Lawhon - $2,528
Lisa Robinson
- $1,781
Beth Dunton
- $1,418
Melissa Starnes - $1,001

$500+ Way to Go!!!

Amanda Jones - $944
Anna Workman - $707
Pa Houa Lo - $615
Lori Ogle - $538

$200+ Woohoo!!

Crystal Curtis - $405
Linda Sheehan - $297
Jordan Ledford - $217
Elisa Santos - $207
Betsi Flores - $203
Jina Mooneyham - $201

Top November Partier!!

Lisa Robinson had 4 parties in November! Woo Hoo, Lisa!

Pictured here with her daughter, Peyton, who LOVES going to parties with her mommy :)


Just last month we have added TWO ladies to our team! Two of us have taken the time to share the opportunity with others. Remember, Thirty One is an opportunity. Think of how it is a blessing in your life, and be willing to share that blessing with others. When we have that mind-frame SHIFT we are more willing to share and inadvertently attract more ladies!


Woohoo for Birthdays!!

YAY for Birthdays!! I am so glad to have you on our team!! Thankful you are part of our Thirty-One family!

Betsi Flores - December 30th

Happy News!!

Ladies, I am beyond THRILLED to share with you that my husband and I are expecting our first child in June 2015! I can't wait to share in this new journey with you!


Let me Shower YOU with GIFTS!!

It's Christmas season - pick your PRESENT from me!!!!

(From November 1st - December 15th)
Over $600 PV = $10 Target Gift Card

Over $1200 PV = Pedicure to your local place ($25 value)

Over $1800 PV = Dinner out on the town ($40 to the place your choice)

Over $2400 PV = 60 minute massage ($60 value)

Over $3000 PV = Pick ANY TWO of the ones above!

**THE WORKS - Over $3000 PV AND a new RECRUIT = you get it ALL!!!!!

Let ME shower YOU with LOVE and GIFTS this holiday season!!!! I can't wait!

My Stats - November 2014

Personal Volume (PV): $2,528
Total Parties: 5

I'm always super honest about how my sales are each month.. November was a wonderful month for me and so many of you also had an AMAZING month, too!! Based on my stats for November, a consultant earning 25% commission would earn $632. Because I chose leadership (and ALL of you FABULOUS LADIES are part of Team Lawhon), I earned $905.96. Ladies, take the journey into leadership with me. The rewards are amazing!

Based on our team and downline sales for November, a Director or above could earn paychecks (depending on their title) as shown below:

Director - $905.96
Senior Director - $1,232
Executive Director - $2,032
Senior Executive Director - $3,872
National Executive Director - $22,632

If you are interested in leadership, please let me know and I'll help you begin your journey to be Team Lawhon's next leader!!