JROB Dugout News 12/17 - 12/21


As we inch ever closer to the well-deserved two week break, I want to make sure each of you know how much I appreciate all that you do to make Robinson such a wonderful place! Every staff member that steps foot on this campus through those "green gates" makes a huge difference each day, and for that I am tremendously grateful. Thank you!!

I think it is important to celebrate all of you and am grateful to those of you who have joined me in celebrating the 12 Days of Holiday Cheer. I can not wait until this Wednesday and our Sleigh RIDE Karaoke Team Challenge competition it is gonna be sooooooo much fun.

Friday is a minimum day for our students with a 1:00 pm dismissal for grades 1-8. It is my hope that you all will get your planning and prep work done (for the week we return in January) early in the week so that you may walk out the door with your students on Friday and commit to some much needed (and deserved) rest and relaxation. You know it's Burke Williams time and..... ohhh yeah I have a gift certificate too!!!!!!!

Please remember that as we move closer to our much anticipated break, some of our students are not looking as forward to it. Time away from school may mean less structure, more unsupervised time, less appropriate interactions, more opportunities for trauma, and for some, less food. Please keep this in mind as some less than desirable student behaviors may increase this week. It is extremely important this week that we all make an extra effort to be "Warm and Demanding" with all of our students.

In closing, I wish you and your family and loved ones a blessed holiday season full of love, peace and memories. I look forward to seeing you in the new year committed to our focused goals for student success for the JROB Dolphins in whom we serve.

Respectfully - Damita

Dr. Deena Brown commmmmes to town for session #2 12/19 @ 2:30 in Library

Communicating with the AA child - A tale of two teachers...

There will be modeling on effective communication strategies with African American students.

Please review the video prior to our meeting: https://youtu.be/sgtinODaW78

ST Math Jigi...Supporting students in mathematics understanding

Our journey with Jiji begins....

Additional support/questions needed, ask your grade level's rep: Mallard, Lara, Chin, Klopfer, Lovett & Durham.

Here are some questions to ask yourself so that this valuable time is not the equivalent of old-school "worksheet" time or "just work on jiji".

  • How am I using ST Math to enhance what is happening in the classroom?
  • Are manipulatives out and are students encouraged to use them during ST Math time?
  • Have you sent home the instructions for home log-in, and encouraged JiJi home use?
  • Am I using the report generated to monitor the progress of students?
  • How am I using the data to differentiate instruction?
  • How can I maximize ST Math instruction so that students are not simply with headphones and working independently on math games?

STOIC.....Common Language for Referrals

Please review embedded link:


Lastly, As we move closer to our much anticipated WINTER/HOLDAY break...please be reminded of the need to provide Consistency in expectations for classroom leaning environment.

STOIC....Consistency in Building a Community of Kindness in #JROBNATION

Technology:Teacher Monitoring helps to ensure CHROMEBOOK LONGEVITY and PRODUCTIVITY

Management Tips:

- Assign each student a specific CHROMEBOOK that they will use on a daily basis.

- Keep a list of your students and the number CHROMEBOOK that they have been assigned.

- CHROMEBOOK should be assigned a number and go back to its numbered carrel charging station each day.

- Stand next to students when they are removing CHROMEBOOKS from the cart.

- Develop a traffic flow and routine of how students come up to get their CHROMEBOOK. each student should carry their CHROMEBOOK with two hands.

- Keep food and drinks away from the CHROMEBOOKS.

- Remind students not to write or lean on the CHROMEBOOK while they are on their desks.

- Ensure that students do not lift the CHROMEBOOK by the monitor.

- Walk around the room and monitor students they are working on the CHROMEBOOKS. **This is not a time for teachers to be at their desk grading papers**

- Remind students of lack of privacy with district provided Google account

- Use CTRL + H to review browsing history of a student on a CHROMEBOOK

- Report any damage immediately to the LBUSD helpdesk....xsoto@lbschools.net

- Keep the CHROMEBOOK cart locked when not in use.

**** EXCEPT for DR. Miller, SPENKER & Dr. HOSN - DO let anyone borrow CHROMEBOOKs from your cart or use your CHROMEBOOK cart outside of your assigned pair*****

Finally, CLASSHUB (teacher monitoring of online student activity) will be installed on our CHROMEBOOKS/TEACHER desktops. Mr. Marengo will attend the training meeting for our site on 12/20. Additional information is forthcoming.


This parent bulletin is sent via: email and text message to parents each week. It is also available on our school's website.

JROB Happenings...be in the Know

Out with the old and in with the new "WELCOME" 2019

2019 Collaboration Opportunities ensuring end of year student SUCCESS:

January 9 - DOK Part I (Staff)

January 16 - Grade Level

January 23 - HLT - Writing in Content Areas(Science/History/PE)

January - 30 - Emergency Preparedness: Emergency Preparedness in Application/Mock Review

February 5, 6, 7, 8 - Professional Release


February - 7 (THURSDAY) State of School Address @ 2:30 - Library

ES - Achievement Reports Dates, Deadlines and Achievement Celebration

Tuesday, Feb. 5th 2019 at 12pm

Jackie Robinson K8 Academy

ES - Achievement Report Dates and Deadlines

End of 1st Semester - January 28

LROIX Data due - February 1

Achievement Reports due to Miller/Spenker - February 5

Achievement Reports to parents - February 12

Achievement Celebration and SOM - February 22



Grading: Has your grade level calibrated how to give grades? Achievement Reports will be due before you know it. Many of you are already using Synergy's Gradebook. Help a colleague get on board with this easy platform. If you need assistance, please look on MyPD for resources. If you used the Student Academic Summary, you know how valuable using our technology available can be to you.

State of the School Address - A Celebration of Progress to District Level Administrators

Thursday, Feb. 7th 2019 at 2:30-3:30pm

Jackie Robinson K8 Library

All Grade Levels and Departments:

State of the School presentation:

- Each grade level given 3 slides(1 slide celebration, 1 slide where we are vs. Action Plan, 1 slide Next Steps)

- Grade Level department will present the 3 slides at February 7th (THURSDAY) staff meeting to district level officials

- PREPwork for this will most likely NOT take place in designated staff/grade level meeting time due to other topics