Harpy eagle (Harpya harpyja)

by toby ellis


A harpy eagle is one of the strongest eagle species. The raptor has gray feathers and a feathered crown. A harpy eagle's tail feathers have black stripes. A harpy eagle can live up to 25 to 35 years old.


A harpy eagle lives in the rain forest. They live in tall trees so they can see all the prey.

They live in mexico to centril amarica , south amarica , argintina and the harpy eagle is mostly common in brazil they are some times in panama.

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The harpy eagle mainly eats medium sized animals like sloths,monkeys,reptiles and other birds.Harpy eagles are carnivores and an apex predator they mostly go for prey in the tree's. A harpy eagle can eat something that is 7 kg or higher. A harpy eagle hunts mostly were prey feed.


A harpy eagles wait till its prey comes . they only have one predator and it is a human. it manly hunts monkeys ( tree dwellers).


Harpy eagle are dissapering in the wild . People are over hunting harpy eagles. It's losing it's habitat. It's losing it's population due to hunter's .