Natural Resources

Learning about Natural Resources

What are resources?

Resources is something that can be found in nature.There are two types of resources.There are renewable resources and nonrenewable resources.Learn about each of them more.

Even though you you may not realize it you may be using a resource right now.

Renewable V.S Nonrenewable.

Renewable resources are able to be replaced during an average human life time.Nonrenewable resources cannot be replaced during an average human lifetime. Renewable resources can be found pretty much anywhere.Nonrenewable are mostly found underground. Still nonrenewable resources can be found on the earth's surface. I still could go on and on and on about ways renewable resources and nonrenewable resources are different but I am try to keep this kinda simple.Those are some ways renewable and nonrenewable resources are different.

Images of Natural Resources

Conservation Of Natural Resources.

.You can conserve natural resources by turning the light off when you leave a room.

.You can also conserve it by opening a window when the house.

.You can also save energy by not staying inside but going outside.

. You can walk to school instead of taking a car.

More About Natural Resources.

You Can Still Learn More.

You can learn more about resources everyday.You can be find resources almost anywhere. Scientists all around the may be trying right now to keep learning more about resources.They may already know a lot, but who knows what more secrets this world holds.

Where to Find Information on Resources.