Water Pollution Solution

Water Pollution is a serious topic that we just solved!

Water Polution Problems

Water Polution

Water pollution has been destroying habitats all over the globe. Because all animals, including humans, need water, this problem could eventually wipe out many species within a couple of years. Specifically in Texas, water pollution not only covers the freshwater rivers and ponds, but a huge source of pollution can come from the oil within the gulf.

The Oil Spill of August 22, 2012

On this date, aquatic animals from miles off the coast were being poisoned from the toxic liquid waste which so happens to blend into the water from the animals' point of view. The oil took quite a lot of time and effort to clean up.

Water Pollution Solution

Our New Deal Act For Water Pollution

We will pay about 10,000 people living on the coast of texas at minimum wage partially with donations and the rest with hopefully The Texas State Government's money. This large group of people's job is to set up trashcans all over the coastline of Texas to prevent a large amount of pollution. Because the Coastline of Texas is about 367 miles long, so each person only has about 65 yards to work with. Within that 65 yards or so we will set-up two trashcans per person/65 yards. with this plan set in motion for three months the coastline of Texas will be much cleaner and receive more care.

How to Prevent Oil Spills

Although sounding extremely simple, I think it wouldn't hurt to try and put a net with really small holes around the oil drill. Not only will this reduce the amount of oil from reaching the coast, but this idea could prevent any marine life from choosing to swim towards the drilling rig in the first place.
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