Hannah Livingston

A Colonial Milliner

A Little About Me!

Hannah Livingston-colonial milliner

You see the clothing you are wearing right now? I made that!

Hi! I am Hannah Livingston. I am a colonial milliner who is 29 years old. I am a single lady with my two daughters Sayde, and Felicity. We are very rich from hard working. Now let’s talk about my family. I have two daughters Felicity and Sayde. Felicity just turned 11 years old and she is ready to work! She will help me in my shop when she finishes her chores. She is still learning but she is a good tailor so I putt her in the tailoring part of my shop. Sayde is only 8 but she is training to be a milliner. She has good taste in children’s clothing while Felicity helps me with the older people. She isn’t in school yet (girls can’t go to school) so she works with me when I need help picking out clothing for children. I also have a brother Ryan Livingston. he is married to Jessica Livingston. He has three children and here they are: Alex who is 10 , Alexis who is 9 and Jordan who is 4.

I live in the colony of Georgia a wood house with a keeping room an attic and a backyard with a pond in case my kids need to be punished. We do everything in the keeping room. Clean, cook, bathe, Go to the bathroom, work, and so much more. If my kids don’t behave I get my brother to dump them in the river on the dumping stool in front of all their friends and family.

We go to church (or the meeting house) every Sunday for two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon. If my children fall asleep they get whipped witch never happens because they always get a good night sleep on the feathered bed.

I work in a millinery shop. Millinery shops mostly owned by ladies. I work in a shop with Nirvana fryer. We sell and tailor clothing for men, women, and even children! Everyday I get about 50 people in my shop a day! Here are some pictures of me working:

Being a milliner is great because it provides a good and services to people. I give people clothing for their own good and I tailor clothing for a service in case somebody’s clothing ripped (especially men’s).

I learned the job when I was about 11 by my mother who was also a milliner. She taught me how to do everything thing from head to toe! How to knit, sow, make patterns, and fix the crazy mistakes I make.

If I am on the job or not I always carry my supplies with me like my lace, ribbons, needles, and trims from all around the world! Lace and needles are for in case I am on the go and me or my daughter clothing rip. And in case some body wants me to bring them clothing I bring trim.


Tools in my shop