Historical Fiction

Torn Thread

Historical References: Explain at least 3 references to REAL Events in your novel. Use the novel to cite specific text examples as evidence for these references. Include the page number if possible and remember quotation marks.

One reference to the real world that is stated in my book is the when the raids happened on the streets of Poland. In the street, the Germans would come and take people to concentration camps or labor camps. Eva, the main character, watches her sister, Rachel, be taken by the raids. "The soldiers shoved Rachel into the back of a truck, then jumped in and slammed the door behind them." (Page 10) Another real world reference occurs on page 90 when the prisoners at the concentration camps lined up for the Appellplatz, where the guards counted them everyday to make sure no one escaped. "The guards walked up and down the rows, prodding girls with rifles and counting them aloud: 'forty-five, forty-six, forty-seven...'" The last reference to the real world that is mentioned in the book is when the Russians freed her camp. When the Germans lost the war, the Russians saved girls inside many concentration camps, including Parschnitz where the Eva and her sister are being held. "You are free...A young man on a motorcycle pulled up beside Eva. He held a Russian flag in one hand." (Page 164)


The main characters of Torn Thread are sisters Eva and Rachel. Eva is very mature for her age. She keeps her self together the best she can when faced with tragedy or disappointment. She is also a thinker. Before she was sent to Parschnitz with her sister, her father told her to do whatever she could to stay alive for one more hour. Through out her ordeal in the camp, that had been her motivator and her reason to keep on keeping on. She made tough decisions that she thought was in the interest for her and her sister, Rachel. Rachel is a comforter and a good friend. She is always optimistic about everything. In the toughest times that Eva and Rachel face, Rachel always made them both feel better despite their tough circumstances.

What is your opinion of the book? Would you recommend the book? Why or why not? Clarify your point of view with 3 or more reasons. Support your reasons with specific examples from the book

I love this book! It was so interesting to read. I would definitely recommend this book because I was always wondering what would happen and if Eva and Rachel would die. On page 172, Rachel gets typhus just before the Russians save the camp. The doctor has no medicine for typhus so Eva has no idea if she'll live or not. "'Please tell me that she'll live,' Eva begged him over and over, but he only replied that it was too early to say, that he wouldn't know until her fever broke. 'We'll do everything we can, but we have no medicine for typhus,' he told Eva." I was also on the edge of my seat on page 31 when Eva arrived at Parschnitz and was trying to find her sister. "On the third floor Eva dropped her bundle and collapsed on a bench to rest. She wiped tears and sweat from her face with the back of her hand. Perhaps the guard had sent her to the wrong the barracks." (is Papa alive)

What is the main setting of the book (location and time period)?

The main setting of this book is in a concentration camp called Parschnitz. Parschnitz is located in Czechoslovakia. Before Eva and Rachel are taken to Parschnitz, they lived in a Polish town called Bedzin. The story is set in June 1943 and ends in 1945 when Parschnitz is liberated and Eva and Rachel are free.

Explain some of the major problems the main character faced and how they were resolved?

The main problem in Torn Thread is that Eva and Rachel are being held in a concentration camp called Parschnitz. There they deal with starvation, dehydration, sickness, and loss. They get through it all though by believing they can get through. They take care of each other and help one another get through their tough circumstances. Eventually in 1945, Parschnitz is liberated and Eva and Rachel are free to live their lives.

Quotable Quotes: Find at least 3 memorable quotes that impacted you. Remember to use quotation marks!

One quote that affected me was page 48 above chapter 7