Wounders Of Saturn

A short presentation, starring Saturn!

Orbit and position.

Saturn is the sixth planet away from the sun, and has been named after cronus, so it is a great symbol

to showing a god.And Saturn is the most dense than any other planet, it is more dense than water!

Galileo was the first one to look at saturn, he sketched it out as a triple figure, then a few years later he started putting arms and legs on the figure.But then a while later a scientist changed it into Saturn really was.

Saturns Ring.


Jupiter uranus and neptune may also have rings, but they don’t have the extraordinary just like saturn does,

and cool little fact, Saturn’s biggest ring is up to 20 times its diameter. You can see saturn just from

earth even if it's the naked human eye you are using. It's rings show up to speeds of 1,100 Miles per hour.

Saturn also spins faster than any mother planet except for jupiter, which makes it roughly complete a

every 10-and-a half hours. It is so fast that it makes Saturn bounce at its equator and flatten at its poles.

Saturns Moon.

But what is really surprising is that one of the moons of Saturn names are Titan, it is the size of Mercury which seems to be Earths twins sister, but the surprising thing is is that Titan was known because the module that was sent to saturn went in orbit with the Planet, but it also brought something with it, and that is another space module, which landed on Titan and gave information about it, with its terrain and everything.