News from Grade 3

Newsletter #16

Happy New Year

I hope that these past two weeks have allowed you to rest, rejuvenate and spend time reconnecting with your family. I am sure that you loved the holiday gift from your child. They worked very hard, all year, on their calendars and they were very excited to show you their careful work!

I have missed all of the children and I am looking forward to seeing them on Monday!

The students left for the holiday break during our Fibers block. We will return to our lesson on Wool and Linen. I have been telling the story of Moses and will continue these tales. Soon, I will share the story of the 10 commandments and we will be coming up with our own classroom commandments. These next two weeks will continue to be a language arts block, where we will be working on punctuation, capitals, and parts of speech.

3rd Grade Parent Evening

Tuesday, Jan. 5th, 7pm

3rd Grade Classroom

During this parent evening, one of the topics we will be discussing is homework. Please plan on attending so that you are aware of the expectations, and can help to get your student off on the right start.

Read 20 minutes every day!

Your children have been working hard on their reading skills. It is now important that your child read everyday for at least 20 minutes. There are many different levels of readers in our class, and each child will benefit from time spent reading. Make sure that what your child is reading is worth reading, and will benefit their ability. These children are young and easily influenced. Please make sure that the content of what your child is reading is appropriate. A good indicator for age appropriate material is to make sure that the main character is around the same age as our 3rd graders. A website that has helped me with my own daughters, in choosing a good book, is: If your child cannot read more then 5 words on any one page, the book is too hard for them to read alone. Comic books do not help with fluency, and are best read after the 20 minutes has passed.

Ideally, reading happens rhythmically; at the same time, in the same place. However, there are times when it can be in the car, waiting for an appointment, in the morning before school, after school, or before bed. Whenever your child reads, it will be helpful for their future.

Some children are working on sounding out words, while others are working on fluency (the ability to read a text accurately, quickly, and with expression). The students should spend time reading out loud, so that you are hearing how they are reading, and you are sure that they are not daydreaming, or becoming distracted.

Show you child it is important to read, and ask them to read labels in the market, ask them to read signs on the road, or read the rules of board games. They should also be noticing that you read, and see you participating in this important adult skill.

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Parent/Teacher Conferences

Please remember to sign up for the parent/teacher conferences that are happening on the 11th-14th. The week of the 11th-15th is an early dismissal week, so plan accordingly. I have included a Saturday and Sunday to help accommodate work schedules.

Sign Up Here

I have heard that 1Rev is offering an after school program during conference week.

From Paul "...just a heads up for Sebastopol Charter families that we will be offering an extended week of After-School Programming the week of January 11th due to the week of short days for parent-teacher conferences. In addition to the regular Thursday plan we will have a program on the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of that week. "

No More Distractions at School

Many children have been bringing toys (Legos), pens, mechanical pencils, drawing books and such, to school. This has caused some upset in the classroom, as some of their precious items have gone missing, or have become lost. The students are becoming distracted from their learning, and I have had to focus my attention on these items, instead of teaching. To keep the environment, that of a place of learning, I am asking that no toys, pens, drawing books, etc. be allowed at school. All of the materials that they need to be successful at school, have already been provided. Please help by checking your child's backpack each morning, and ask them to remove any such items.

If the students would like to bring something to show the class, they are welcome to come speak to me, and I will hold the item until there is the appropriate time to share.

The precious fabric of our class is still forming, and it is important that students feel safe and secure at school. This is most possible, if they are not worried about their items from home. All of the students have been made aware of this classroom rule.

Notes from the Handbook

  1. When a child misses a day of school, the School cannot receive state funds for that child for that day. Parents who decide to have a “down day” and keep their children at home when they are not really sick cause the School to lose more than $35 per day, per child. Every year, absences result in about $85,000 revenue loss to the School. Please send your child to school every single day unless s/he is truly ill or you have a family emergency.

It's raining, it's pouring

Please make sure your child has all their rain gear at school. We need it to be able to have recess!