Thursday's Thoughts

March 30, 2017

What's Happening Next Week?

Tuesday: 1. Testing Training at 3:15 -Make sure you have made plans to attend.

2. Strings to perform for 5th graders during related arts.

Wednesday: Battle of the Books competition- (We will not bring everyone in to watch due to utilizing every minute to prepare for testing and the following year). 4th grade will begin at 9:00 and fifth grade will begin immediately following the conclusion of 4th grade's competition. Thank you to everyone who has helped our book clubs read the Battle of the Books' titles.

Thursday: Amistad House party at 1:00! We will have inflatables, popcorn, and snowcones

in the track area.

Teacher Surveys

Please make sure you have logged on to the SCDE website and completed the Teacher Online Survey. Our code is 0401005. Thank you so much!

Testing Video

We will begin preparing for our testing video soon. We will send our details as soon as they are finalized.

Donor's Choose

Congratulations to Emily on having her Donor's Choose grant funded! Way to go Emily! Emily will be receiving Pie Face Showdown, Jenga Giant Family Hardwood Game, and other materials. Keep in mind that this is a great way to receive materials for your classroom.

Document Cameras

If you have a document camera in your room that you are not currently using, please send it to my office. Years ago, Dr. Williams purchased cameras for each classroom. If you have packed yours away and do not use it, we have a need for them now. Thanks so much!

Rise and Shine

Matt and I want to visit each homeroom to discuss the push for the last 33 days. Please send me a time that will work for you. Heather has already started the activity in art classes so we want to make sure we have discussed the importance of working hard for the last days of school. Please send me a time as soon as possible.

Library Time

Please make sure you sign up for a time to take your classes to the library next week. We are going to push hard for our students to read each day during spring break. We are planning a video to send out to our parents stressing the importance of reading to their children and setting aside time for their child to read. We are asking that you have your students go to the library and check out a book to read during their break, and that you make sure that book is in their bookbags the Friday before they leave. We know that readers are better test takers and perform better in school than nonreaders. Let's push to have our students read! :-)


We are in need of about 77 offices to use for testing in our labs. If you have offices that you are willing to allow us to use, please send them to my office. They will have to be checked for any markings and placed in Mrs. D's office. Please send them to my office by next Wednesday. Thanks!

Thank you!

I just want to thank you for working hard each and every day and giving your all to our school. I do not say it enough. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!