5th Grade Newsletter

Monday, November 18th

Mrs. Cook

Block 1 & 2: We are continuing the novel, "Blood On the River Jamestown 1607" to go along with the study of colonial times in Social Studies.  This week we are focusing on characterization and main idea while reading.   
*Reminder- you can order books online for your child anytime at www.scholastic.com/readingclub.  This helps earn free books for our classroom!  I will submit the order on the last day of the month.  To order use our Class Activation code: MCQ9Z  
*No Words Their Way this week due to class spelling bee.  We will resume after Thanksgiving Break.
Science: Today is our test for cells and traits.  Tomorrow is our test for the muscular system.  Wednesday we will begin our study of the skeletal system and how it functions.

Ms. Price

Block 1 and 2 Math will work on understanding progressively larger increments to one million.  We will be reading and constructing a pictograph with large numbers.  Friday will be our Math Expressions Post Test for Quarter 1.
Science: Our focus is on mass/weight.  We will explore objects of different masses and compare their weights in different locations.
Science Vocabulary: kilogram, Newton, mass, weight

Mr. Ross

Reading/Social Studies- We are learning about the origins of the slave trade in the American Colonies. We are also finishing "Seeds of Revolution"which explores the causes of the American Revolution, and starting "Battling for Independence" which focuses on the actual war.
Science- We are finishing our mini-unit on cells and moving into tissues and body systems. 

Mrs. Rotenberry

Math:  Our math focus this week and next week will be as follows: making the greatest and least possible numbers using a given set of information,and adding and subtracting whole numbers and decimals. We will be in the computer lab working on classScape quizzes as well.  Acc. Math due date is this Wednesday.  Our next Acc. Math due date will be after Thanksgiving.
Science:  We will continue with our unit on Matter and Energy.  This week we will complete an Exploration Activity in Discovery Techbook, and explain the different states of matter through discussion, reading and activities.
I will be conducting phone conferences with parents who have requested this.

Reminders to Students

*Remember to complete homework each night.
*Planners need to be filled out and signed daily.

Reminders to Parents

*Please sign planner nightly. Please sign your full name (no initials) and use a pen.
*Be sure to check your childs planner today and every Friday for a conduct grade for the week.  Please sign and address any concerns with your child.  Teachers will be checking for a parent signature on Monday.
*Tardies and Early Dismissals can affect Success Celebrations* Success Celebration Criteria: -Students cannot have an N or U in conduct in any class. -Students cannot have any office or bus referrals. -Students cannot have any unexcused absences. -Students cannot have more than 3 tardies to school. -Students cannot have more than 3 early dismissals from school.
**Just a reminder about conferences- If you chose the phone conference option, you will be contacted sometime before Winter Break.  You have not been forgotten about! :)

Field Trip - Catawba Science Center & Golden Corral

Thursday, Nov. 21st, 8am

243 3rd Avenue Northeast

Hickory, NC

Thanksgiving Break

Wednesday, Nov. 27th, 8am

Field Trip - Glenn Hilton Park

Wednesday, April 2nd 2014 at 8am

2000 6th Street Northwest

Hickory, NC