Mr. Tucket

By Sophie Grace


The genre of Mr. Tucket is historical fiction. I know this because it says "1847" and the Quakers are not as they are now.

Personal Connection

My personal connection is when I am outdoors I feel free. The same is for Francis. You can tell because he's not the indoors type and he likes to shoot outdoors.

Character Traits

The reason Francis is brave is because "And if your so tough, why do you steal rifles from boys?" P.S. The person he was talking to was an Indian War Lord.

He is a survivalist because he uses the resources around him and knows how to hunt.

Francis is determined because when Mr. Grimes left Francis (aka Mr. Tucket) was determined to stop him before doing something he would regret.


I inferred that on page 165 when Francis thought "But for Francis Alphonse Tucket?" Backstory Francis watched Mr. Grimes scalp Braid. I inferred that Francis was still humane. The clues that led me to it was that he was horrified at what Mr. Grimes did. I also inferred on page 13 "Hoka-ha!" means stop. The clue that led me to believe this was "the two boys on top of him jumped away."


Some confusing vocabulary was java page 116. Another was goading page 163. Finally was ramrod page 43. Java means coffee. Goading means "to drive or urge an (animal) with a goad." Ramrod means "a rod for ramming down the charge of muzzleloading firearm." Examples : Java was cooking in the pot. Mr. Grimes goaded Footloose with on the trail. Spot Johnnie pulled the ramrod down and killed the goose.

Nonfiction Research on the Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail was 2,200 miles. "It was a critical transportation route for emigrants….." It was first used in 1811 and ended in 1840. Many people went because of gold and rich farmland but others to escape disease like malaria and yellow fever. The biggest danger were the Natives. They practiced brutal traditions such as scalping which is the removal of the scalp that also mortally wounds the victim. Another danger was weather. One in ten died in the journey due to weather. The people who lived to see Oregon were true survivalists and determined folks.


Francis Tucket is on the Oregon Trail. He got a rifle and lagged behind to practice shooting. He was captured by Indians. He meets Mr. Grimes and escapes. Francis and Mr. Grimes (now Mr.Tucket) go to a village where Francis fights. He wins and they leave. Then Mr.Tucket meets Spot Johnnie and get news about Braid. After leaving they stop in a canyon and he meets Jim Bridger. Then due to Crow Indians they leave. They return to Spot's home only to find him dead with his family.Mr.Grimes kills Braid and Francis leaves him.

Gary Paulsen As An Author

Gary Paulsen author of Mr.Tucket writes books about survivalists. Many of them are about young boys in a age range of 13-15 who are separated from their parents or their parents don't love them. He writes both historical fiction and realistic fiction and when you read his stories you usually feel as if your with the character.

Somebody Wanted But So Then Finally

Somebody: Francis

Wanted: To shoot his NEW gun

But: He was captured by Indians

Then: Francis meets Mr. Grimes and they go on a bunch of awesome adventures.

Finally: Mr. Grimes scalps Braid and Francis leaves Mr. Grimes

Bibliography for Nonfiction

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Sophie Grace is a 5th grader at Beck Elementary. She lives with her family and dog and dedicates this smore to Ginger her dog.