Principal's Newsletter

August 2021

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Hi, this is a reminder that you're receiving this email because you have a student at, or have expressed an interest in, Glenbard East High School. Communication between Glenbard East and our families and community is very important to us. Don't forget to add to your address book so we'll be sure to land in your inbox! Please email any questions directly to Glenbard Staff, we are happy to respond.


Important Dates

August 31 & September 1

"Our Place" Student Directed Studio Performance

7:30PM - Rider hall

September 2

Parent/Guardian Open House


September 3

Early Dismissal (12:30PM)

September 6

Labor Day - No School

October 4 - 8

Homecoming Week

SAVE THE DATE: October 27 & 28

Parent/Teacher Conferences


The 2021-22 school year is off to a really good start and it is filled with excitement, anticipation, and high expectations. Ultimately, we are here to serve. The staff at Glenbard East is committed to serve and support every student, every day in their quest to be a Glenbard East graduate that is self-empowered, thinks critically, embraces diversity, communicates, creates, and collaborates. That support and encouragement started when we welcomed freshmen and sophomore students on August 6th during our new student orientations. With the help of our junior and senior Link Crew Mentors, the Classes of 2024 and 2025 participated in a variety of large and small group activities aimed at getting them acclimated with each other and Glenbard East. We, here on the East Side, welcome them with open arms and look forward to their growth in the years to come.

Despite some issues these first couple of weeks with late buses, our students have displayed patience and understanding, and have handled the inconveniences very well. We continue to work with our transportation provider to rectify these issues. We’ve also continued with our goal of helping students acclimate to school by focusing on re-establishing and fostering new relationships, and building community. It has been great having students and staff back in the building on a daily basis. The energy is palpable. Now, as we continue to settle into a rhythm and routine this school year, I wanted to share some important information with you.

Close Contact/Quarantine

When a positive COVID-19 case is identified at school (or school events/athletics), our staff will follow the Illinois Department of Public Health's guidance when determining who is a close contact and needs to quarantine. Click here to find this guidance posted on our health services webpage. Please note that, under the current guidance, when someone is fully vaccinated and not showing symptoms they are not required to quarantine.

Vaccination Status

We welcome you to share your student's vaccination status with our health office. Please send a screenshot or copy of the vaccination card to our school nurses, Laura Grabowski and Jeannine Glavas, via email at and The information will be kept confidential. Sharing this information before a possible COVID-19 exposure will help our staff determine if your student should be quarantined.


Our students have been great in complying with the mask mandate. Please note that masks are required at all times for indoor events, during and after school. Masks must be properly fitted and cover the mouth and nose. If you are attending an indoor event and need or want a mask break, you can step outside and return when you are finished with the break.

PowerSchool App

The PowerSchool app is a great way to stay up-to-date on your student's grades and attendance. The PowerSchool app gives instant access to grades, scores, attendance and more. Real-time notifications mean you can stay connected to your student’s progress no matter where you are.

If you have previously used the PowerSchool app and can only see last year's courses, please delete the app and reinstall it again. You will need the District Code: TDPZ. Click here for more information about using the PowerSchool App.

Student Survey

District 87 has partnered with Equal Opportunity Schools in order to increase equitable opportunities for students in Advanced Placement and Dual Credit courses. During the week of September 13 through September 24, students will participate in taking a short survey. Reports generated from the survey provide trends on information, expectations, and belonging in our Advanced Placement (AP) and Dual Credit programs. The Equal Opportunity Schools survey provides valuable insight about student strengths and challenges in accessing rigorous coursework, as well as data on student potential and interests.

Lastly, although your student’s high school experience is primarily about academics, involvement in extracurricular activities is vital to their overall success. Research shows that students who are involved with extracurricular activities tend to perform better in school than those who are not involved. Through participation, students at East have the opportunity to give back to the community through the completion of service projects, engage in hobbies and items of interest, and compete with other students on both the local and national level. Please encourage and challenge your son/daughter to get involved in these activities at East. They have the privilege to choose from over 60 clubs and activities that our school has to offer. After school transportation is available to students who wish to participate in after school activities as we offer both 4pm and 6pm buses on Monday-Thursday as well as a 5pm bus on Friday. As I’ve stated on many occasions, there is something for everyone.

I look forward to another exciting school year and working with the families of Glenbard East. The 2021-22 school year promises to be an exciting one and I hope that your student(s) will enjoy their experience here at East.

We Are East!!!

SAVE THE DATE: Parent/Teacher Conferences

October 27 4 - 8 p.m.

October 28 2 - 6 p.m.

More information regarding registration dates and steps will be shared with all our families in early September.

Attendance & Student Handbook

As a school community, we will continue to ask all students to be ready, responsible, and respectful on a daily basis. This starts with students attending school. It is an expectation that students attend school daily, are on time, and are prepared for school each day. Attendance is an important life skill that will help your student graduate from high school and college, and keep a job. As a school, we are looking to improve our Average Daily Attendance for the 21-22 academic year. You can assist us in meeting this goal by:

1) making school attendance a priority

2) helping your student stay engaged

3) communicating with the school

If your son/daughter is sick, we encourage you to keep them home and call our attendance office at 630.627.2595. Additionally, parents are encouraged to familiarize themselves with our attendance policies that can be found in the student handbook. This can be found on your students iPad as well as the school’s website under the Student and Parent tab. In addition to daily attendance, we are also focusing on appropriate hallway conduct and acceptable use of electronics in and out of the classroom. We ask for your assistance as we continue to work at improving the overall culture and climate in the building.

REMINDER: Glenbard East OPEN HOUSE September 2

Parent/Guardian Open House will take place in person on Thursday, September 2 from 6:00-8:05 pm. This evening is an invitation to walk through Glenbard East’s facilities, meet teachers, learn about the content of your child’s courses as well as teacher expectations and discover ways you can help your child succeed at East. We urge you to participate in this important introduction to your student’s school year. In an effort to maintain appropriate distancing and reduce the possibility of crowded classrooms, we are asking families to limit attendance to one parent/guardian per student.

Click the link for the 2021 Open House schedule with more details.

Please note: There will be a 12:30 p.m. dismissal for students on Friday, September 3.

First Play Of The Season: "Our Place"

The school year is just getting started but G.E. Theatre is pleased to announce our first show of the year. "Our Place" is a touching and humorous one-act play directed by Senior Katie Pruyn. The play follows four separate stories that each take place on the same dock by a small lake. Cast members of "Our Place" include:

Jacob Velasco, Emma Johnson, Kaitlin Murphy, Anthony Nichols, Linaea Walsh, Reed Brooks, Fiona Bilkey, Lauren Wilinski, Eva Nikdod Corinne Petiprin and Peyton Vari

Performances are August 31 and September 1 at 7:30 pm in Rider Hall. Tickets are $3.00 and may be purchased at the door. Due to Covid-19 restrictions all people participating in the play and all audience members will need to wear masks while in the High School.

For more information, Call the Theatre at 630-424-6640.

PowerSchool App Information

The PowerSchool app is a great way to stay up-to-date on your student's grades and attendance. The PowerSchool app gives instant access to grades, scores, attendance and more. Real-time notifications mean you can stay connected to your student’s progress no matter where you are.

If you have previously used the PowerSchool app and can only see last year's courses, please delete the app and reinstall it again. You will need the District Code: TDPZ. Click here for more information about using the PowerSchool App.

School ID's

Outside of academic achievement, school safety continues to be the top priority at Glenbard East. It is important that all students feel comfortable and safe in our learning environment. In order to help us maintain a safe and positive learning environment, we require all students to present a student ID as they enter the building each morning. Please assist us by reminding your student to possess and present their student ID on a daily basis.

After School Transportation

After school transportation is available to students who wish to participate in after school activities as we offer 4pm and 6pm buses on Monday-Thursday as well as a 5pm bus on Friday.


All students will have an early opportunity to get involved as we prepare for Homecoming 2021. There will be a week full of activities starting on Monday, October 4th, and culminating with our Homecoming Dance on Saturday, October 9th.

News From The School Counseling Office

Schoolwide Presentations

On Friday, September 3rd, Counselors will present to all students. The Freshman & Sophomore Program will welcome students to the new school year. A primary focus will be how counselors can support each student throughout their time at East. In addition, counselors will introduce graduation requirements, tips for a successful year, and how to get involved. In November or December, all freshmen will meet with their counselor to develop a tentative plan for course selection for the next three years.

Senior Conferences

On Friday, September 3rd, the School Counseling office will release a series of resources to help guide senior students in formulating their plans for after graduation. In addition, counselors will be conducting individual conferences with all seniors during September and October. During these meetings, we will review graduation requirements and cover topics related to post-secondary planning. Students and parents will get an email from their School Counselor with an invitation to schedule their senior conference and links to our helpful resources. Feel free to reach out to your child's School Counselor with any questions.

Financial Aid Night

Feeling lost and need help to understand the financial aid process for sending your

student to college? The Glenbard East Guidance Department will be hosting a Financial Aid Night on Wednesday, September 22nd, at 6:30 pm. The presentation is designed to assist parents of seniors with understanding the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) completion process and other aspects of applying for financial aid, but parents of students in all grade levels are welcome to attend. Contact Mr. Bryan Witte at in the School Counseling office with any questions on this event.

College Week

The School Counseling Department is looking forward to hosting our 3rd annual College Week. During the week of September 27th, information from some of Glenbard East's most popular college destinations will be available during all lunch periods. No prior registration is needed and all grade levels are welcome. For more information, contact Scott Lilly ( or Mara Maslo ( in the School Counseling office.

Naviance Student

We are excited to continue utilizing Naviance Student. This comprehensive web-based service enables students to engage anywhere with college and career planning on smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktops. It is an experience optimized for mobile devices but it is not a mobile app. All Glenbard East Students have access to Naviance beginning in 9th grade. Students can access Naviance Student under the Students link on the Glenbard East website. Students log in using Single Sign On with their Glenbard Gmail account.

College Planning Seminar

The College Planning Seminar will take place on Wednesday, October 20 at 6:30pm. Various breakout sessions will be offered on a variety of topics. Please mark your calendars now for this important event!

Set-Up College Board Account

All Freshman-Seniors should have a College Board Account. This account allows students to enroll in their AP Class and register to take AP exams, view scores and track progress on the PSAT and SAT, send scores to colleges and universities. Directions on setting up individual college board accounts can be found here: Setting Up Your College Board Account Link

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Superintendent Dr. David Larson Welcomes Families To New School Year

Welcome to a new school year. I am excited about seeing students in the classroom and engaged in extracurricular activities, and I am looking forward to a great year ahead.

As the new year gets under way, I want to highlight a few key areas:

Profile of a Graduate

We continue to focus on our Profile of a Graduate, which is the student-centered vision that is embedded in our work. Our Profile of a Graduate identifies the following abilities that characterize our students:

· Creates

· Communicates

· Collaborates

· Thinks critically

· Embraces diversity

· Is self-empowered

Our Profile of a Graduate focuses on deep learning experiences where students develop skills they can transfer to other lessons and use in new situations. After students participate in impactful learning experiences, they engage in a culminating ambitious task that demonstrates their understanding of the content they learned.

Glenbard Parent Series

The Glenbard Parent Series: Navigating Healthy Families is an important part of our partnership with you. The Glenbard Parent Series (GPS) has dozens of free webinars scheduled throughout this school year. Webinars are focused on families with children of all ages and feature topics devoted to helping young people be successful in the classroom and in life. I encourage you to check out the amazing list of webinars at There truly is something for everyone in this year’s GPS lineup of speakers. You may watch these free programs from the comfort of your home as they are presented via Zoom.

COVID-19 Safety

Our faculty and staff care deeply about our students and work hard to meet students’ academic and social emotional needs and keep them safe.

As we continue to navigate the pandemic, please note that we adhere to the COVID-19 guidance from local, state and federal agencies. As that guidance evolves, we will communicate with you about what the changes mean to your teen’s experience at school.

In accordance with the governor’s Aug. 4 state mandate, everyone must wear a mask in all Glenbard schools regardless of vaccination status. While everyone is wearing a mask, we have the ability to maintain a higher level of safety and reduce the number of people who miss school/work due to quarantine.

We are partnering with SHIELD Illinois to offer free voluntary, non-invasive COVID-19 testing at school. SHIELD has a diagnostic (PCR) test that will be available to staff and students at school each week. This saliva-based test will be available to identify positive COVID-19 cases and keep students safe. More information about the testing dates and times will be announced as soon as SHIELD Illinois provides it to us.

The following are additional safety measures in place:

  1. Masking for all on buses and in schools
  2. Daily health assessments at home; stay home if you have any symptoms.
  3. Hand washing and cleaning protocols
  4. Social distancing of three feet whenever possible
  5. Improved ventilation in buildings

I appreciate your continued support of our students, faculty and staff. I trust you and your family will have a great year.

Glenbard Parent Series (GPS)

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Athletic News for September 2021

VISION: To utilize school and sports to develop “WELL-ROUNDED” student-athletes and establish great pride in our RAMS COMMUNITY.

RAMS Athletic Community Night A Safe Success

On Friday, August 20 we were able to conduct our 6th Annual Rams Athletic Community Night where all fall sports including our Band, performed in front of a “Friday Night Lights” type of crowd. Want to thank all of the Rams Community who came out to support this event. We plan to conduct all 27 sports seasons again, but will need the help of everyone. We encourage all to wear masks (particularly indoors), wash your hands, and socially distance (6ft) when possible. We want our student-athletes to be able to attend school and classes daily, practice with their teammates, and compete in games/competitions. Getting vaccinated will afford these opportunities.

Athletic Coaches - Fall Sports

ALL Fall Sports are currently in-season. Please feel free to reach out to the following head coaches for more specific information regarding your student's sport(s):

o Cheer CoEd Sideline: Kelly Dolan,

o Cross Country Boys: Andrew (Andy) Adduci,

o Cross Country Girls: Chris Pietsch,

o Dance Poms: Courtney Clay,

o Football: John Walters,

o Golf Boys: Chris Wienke,

o Golf Girls: Chris Nagel,

o Soccer Boys: Josh Adler,

o Swimming Girls: Chris Del Galdo,

o Tennis Girls: William (Bill) Burt,

o Volleyball Girls: Bradley Cardott,

Please register on PowerSchool prior to the start date of your respective sport(s), and assure student-athletes have up-to-date medical physical examinations, immunizations records. While student accident insurance is provided for all enrolled students, additional insurance is mandatory for those in tackle football. Click here for more information.

Fall Athletic Parent Night via Zoom!

Please click this link to view the presentations. Recording 1 is 40 secs (a quick practice run and blooper) and Recording 2 is our actual presentation to view at your leisure: Passcode: +HXU$6HG


We aim to have the best Student Section in the state of Illinois, which means we need our student body, even if you are not participating in athletics and/or not in competition on a given game night, come out and Join the Eastside Crew! You can help our teams simply by appropriately cheering from the stands. Please contact sponsor Mr. Chris Wienke ( and Mrs. Donna Slusher ( with any questions about game schedules to cheer at and/or theme suggestions.

Glenbard East Athletics On The Internet

Glenbard East Athletics is now prepared to keep players, parents, and fans up to date with team news, pictures, schedules, rosters and more.


Twitter: @GEHS_Athletics

Athletic Wall-of-Achievement:

Student Athletic Fees/Registration - $150

All students/families who participate in athletics will be required to register and pay the $150 athletic fee for one, two, or three sports. Student-athletes are encouraged to take advantage of this great deal and participate in multiple sports! Remember, colleges and employers are searching for well-rounded students! Fees and/or confirmed payment plan are due before the first competition. There are fee waivers available for families, please stop by the Athletic Office and inquire. Parents must register and pay online through PowerSchool. Also students must have an up-to-date medical physical examination. FRESHMEN and TRANSFERS must have all immunizations completed with their medical physical examination.

Athletic Booster Club

Our Athletic Booster Club annually raises over $30,000 that go directly to our teams and student-athletes and help provide essentials to support our athletic teams pursuit of VICTORY! We need more parent volunteers! Please sign up and continue to help enhance our athletic program. The main website is: for information about membership, parent volunteer opportunities, fundraisers, concession, purchasing spirit wear, and family activity passes. Any further inquiries please contact Athletic Booster Club President, Mrs. Jerri Gapastione (


This Friday, August 27...Click here for link to Dairy Queen Fundraiser