The Decimal Show

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Multiplying Decimals

When you multiply decimals, you do not line the decimals up. You line the place value up. Then you multiply regularly. When you are done, however many digits are to the right of the decimals for both numbers would be added. Then that number would be the amount of spaces that the decimal travels to the left.

Examples of multiplying decimals in the outside world:

1: When you shop, you have to multiply the money if you buy 2 or more of the same thing.

2: When you eat at a restaurant, you have to multiply the money if you have 3 or more people in your family and you all buy the exact same thing.

3: If you go back to school shopping and you have triplets, then you have to multiply the money.

Dividing Decimals

If you have a decimal only in the dividend, then you divide regularly and stick the decimal up. If there is a decimal in both the dividend and the divisor, then you make the divisor a whole number by jumping place values until you reach the end of the number. However many digits you jumped across on the divisor, you jump over that amount of digits to the right.

Examples of dividing decimals in the outside world:

1. When you convert yards to feet

2. When you are at a restaurant and you split the bill

3. When you have to split cupcake mix

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