1949 in Today's Society

Meghan Maher, Jessy Spitz & Taylor Noonan

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College loans and rising cost of colleges: students are graduating from college with more debt and fewer job opportunities than ever before

Each year college students are coming out of college with more and more debt. In addition to all the loans we have to pay for college we have to pay for our whole lives too. We have to pay for food, phone bills, transportation bills, heating bills, and electrical bills. Linda was swamped with bills and she didn’t even have to pay college loans: “well, there’s nine-sixty for the washing machine. And for the vacuum cleaner there’s three and a half due on the fifteenth. Then the roof, you got twenty-one dollars remaining.” (23). We go to college to set up our lives for a more financially stable future, how can we do that if we come out with negative money?

Our society is obsessed with “stuff” (i.e., we buy things to show off our status). People get into debt over accumulating more possessions. Those who are able to afford what they buy fall prey to “lifestyle creep,” in which they continue to want more (and need to work more to support, thus having less time to enjoy) their growing lifestyles.

“...he just built a terrific estate on Long Island. And he lived there about two months and sold it, and now he’s building another one. He can’t enjoy things once it’s finished. And I know that’s just what I would do” (Miller 12).

Society today is obsessed with material goods. In fact, people idolize others that have these products. For example many watch the Kardashians and The Real Housewifes. Why? The article explains that even though many of the people on the show have terrible lives, the majority of society ignores the truth because “the show provides valuable insight into our society’s values and aspirations.” This process is ongoing and may never stop; As one finally works up to get a raise, one now has to keep up with a higher social standard. Biff explains in the play that if he gets a raise then he’ll end up just like his friend, unhappy and unsatisfied with everything he owns. People are no longer satisfied with what they have, instead they try to fill lows in their life with material goods. What a tragedy.
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Thanks to the explosion in social media, being ‘well liked’ has almost become a profession in itself People keep track of Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

When you google in “likes” on facebook, instagram, or twitter your computer gets swamped with websites offering ways to get more followers. There are hundreds of apps that say they will immediately get you more likes. In today's society people base their popularity status on the ratio of likes to minutes, the amount of followers they gain based on a tweet. In Willy’s opinion the definition of success is being well liked and good looking. If Willy had an instagram he would be obsessed with how many likes he can get on a picture. After Biff stole a football from the locker room the only thing that Willy cared about was that people like him. After hearing about Biff’s theft Willy replied “That’s because he likes you. If somebody else took that ball there’d be an uproar”(Miller 18).
When Someone Likes Your Instagram

Just like Willy, we all have a dream of what success looks like in our lives.

We all dream of who we want to be, and what we want our lives to be like. “Because the man who makes an appearance in the business world, the man who creates personal interest, it the man who gets ahead. be likes and you will never want. You take me, for instance. I have to wait in line to see a buyer. “Willy Loman is here!” That’s all they have to know, and I go right through. ” (21) Wily capitalizes on that fact that it only is important that he is liked and not loved. Willy ideas are backwards. Thankfully in today's society there is more an importance placed on being happy, aka being in love with a family. Success to me looks like waking up in the morning and being content with myself and my life choices.