2015 Year In Review

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Top 3 Companies that Marketed themselves the Best in 2015

1. Apple: As usual Apple marketed the products unbelievably. They came out with numerous new devices. During the third fiscal quarter, Apple reported $2.6 billion in revenue from there products excluding the Apple Watch. For some strange reason Apple is keeping quiet on how many Apple Watches they sold. So that $2.6 billion is not including the Apple Watch sales. But still, $2.6 billion is a hefty number.

2. Nike: This isn't a coincidence that Nike ended up on this list. They've been in business since January 25, 1964 and each year they're getting stronger. Recently they signed a lifetime contract with one of the best, if not the best player in the NBA, LeBron James. He made a whopping $500 million! That's one of the biggest signing in sports history.

3. Red Bull: Not a big surprise either that this company landed on this list. They have been marketing themselves remarkably well for years. They sponsor hundreds of professional athletes. That's one of there biggest marketing tactics. For example Travis Pastrana, when ever he wins a rally in rally car racing he gives a big shout out to them and people all over the world see that a winner uses there product then makes them want to use there products too.

Best Products of 2015:

1. Apple Iphone 6s plus

2. Hover Board

Worst Products of 2015

1. Grush Gaming Toothbrush

2. Sony Walkman NW-ZX2

Top Movies and how they were Marketed

Fast 7: The creators of this movie series did a great job with building on the suspense in each movie. They appealed to many people because it had fast cars, beautiful women, and plenty of fights and explosions. All the things that most people want to see. The way they ended it all was just amazing and everything made sense finally.

Star Wars: Just like the fast n furious series star wars gave key information in each movie. Now seeing the final movie it all makes sense. Fantastic series.

Both of these movies did the same thing and that probably why they made millions of dollars. They stretched the series out and left people begging for more each movie. Great strategy

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Top Music Artist of 2015

1. Wiz Khalifa: One of the best rappers, if not the best rapper in the game today. Started out small and slowly built his industry. He sticks to what he knows and what they people love.

2. Keddrick Lamar: This rapper is right up there with Wiz. He's been strong for years. Has had plenty of Platinum records. He just might be the King of Rap.

Top Ten Songs of 2015

1. Hotline Bling

2. Hello

3. Lean On

4. Let It Happen

5. Stressed Out

New Year's Resolutions

Personal Improvement - Eat Healthier

Family and Friends - Spend more time with family and friends

School and the Other World - Better Grades