Long Way Gone Chapters 5-8

By Ishmael Beah

Internal Characterization

Throughout these chapters, Ishmael is very intelligent and he shows it by getting himself and his friends out of all these situations. He's very hungry, and it makes him steal corn from a little kid because he's so hungry and desperate. He's also very brave because he tries to not act scared in front of his friends or when he's alone in the woods, when he's really terrified.

Historical Connection

Ishmael and the rebels are very much like how ISIS is pretending to be a rebel group to free people and they're justifying it by destroying houses and capturing young men and turning them into their soldiers to fight.

Vocabulary Word #1

"Vicinity"- The quality or state of being near.

Vocabulary #2

"Sura"- A chapter or section of the Quran


The setting changes throughout these chapters very much. Here's a list of some of the settings in these 4 chapters.

  1. They're in many villages, and twice they're almost killed.
  2. When they are split up, Ishamael spends a lot of time in a forest until he finds some old friends.
  3. After him and the boys start traveling, they come to a village where there's just an old man and he tells them how to get to Yele.

Conflict #1- Man vs Nature

Ishmael is in a very big conflict with nature when he's in the forest. He encounters wild pigs who chase them up a tree, he hardly has any food, and he's very lost in the big forest

Conflict #2- Man vs Self

Ishmael has a conflict with himself when he's very desperate for food that he has to steal a cob of corn from a little kid so he could stay alive.