Oakbrook Library Year Review 2016

by Kim Becherer

Oakbrook Information

Oakbrook Elementary is one of the largest elementary schools in the Parkway School District servicing over 500 students. Grades K - 2 are on a fixed schedule and grade 3 - 5 are on a flexible schedule which allows them to get books as needed. This year our school was named a national school of Character.

The library goal for this year was :

During the 2015 - 2016 school year, I will be measuring student's growth with library skills in digital citizenship and media literacy as measured by the 4th grade library benchmark assessment. I will be looking for a 90% increase in growth from the beginning of the school year, til the end of the year.

The benchmark was given in the fall and again in the spring, and overall there was a definite pattern of growth. All students except for 2 grew in their progress from the fall mark to the spring one. The average score in the fall was 5/10, and by the end of the year the average score was 7/10. Based on these results, I would say that the goal was met. Students have increased in their library skills. They still aren't quite sure why databases are better than search engines, and they could improve on using call numbers to find what they are looking for, but as far as digital citizenship is concerned, they have definitely grown from the fall. They know how to choose a good website, and they know what a primary source is, however they could use more practice in 5th grade.

During the 2015- 2016 school year, I will be measuring my collaboration with teachers through tracking interactions and planning with them. I will be measuring a starting point in the first trimester within my MSPLC group, and then looking for an increase as the following trimesters once a base point is determined.

Throughout the year, my MSPLC group did work and discuss data about collaboration with teachers. We sent out a survey to see what types of collaboration teachers preferred, as well as looked at how effective our collection meets their needs, and how well they feel their librarian is as a resource. The observations are also below in this flyer, however overall it appears the teachers at Oakbrook feel pretty satisfied with their library and it's resources in general. They also feel satisfied with the collaboration that I'm doing with them and that I am able to help them with their units of instruction.

Circulation Stats

This year our library had over 16,075 books and resources. Top circulating books included Babymouse, Amazing Animals of the World, Lunch Lady, and Bone. My rotten red headed brother by Patricia Polacco also made it into the top 10 list. Overall there were 23,948 circulations this year over the course of the school year. That is a lot of books. We let students continue checking out longer than ever this year, due to MAP testing being so late and students needing to read books for that, and several teachers who wanted their kids to keep using library books for units they were covering (1st grade animal research, 2nd grades states research, 3rd doing book reviews, and 5th doing author study) All of those units required materials from the library to be used. While I stress worrying that we won't see all the books come back- this is a fabulous problem to have because the majority of our teachers and staff really just can't stop/don't want to stop using the library!!!! :)

Tech Development Class for teachers

In the beginning of the year I taught a Salary credit class to my fellow colleagues training them on various types of technology. The class was 5 weeks long, and included such topics as Edline and Google Calendar, Google apps and extensions, Google Classroom, using youtube in the classroom, and how to use the Nexxus tablets.
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Google Summit

Saturday, Oct. 10th 2015 at 8am

600 Campus Drive

Wentzville, MO

This year, I presented with my colleague Shannon Burger at the Google Summit conference. We presented about various Google apps that are used for various educational purposes in the Google Play for EDU store. (which is now no longer allowing you to add content) It was a good workshop, and I'm sad to see the EDU version go away and hoping Google will come up with a great new alternative or solution.

Results from Collaboration Survey sent to the teachers

In the middle of the year a survey was sent to staff about their opinions about the library. There was a total of 12 responses back, and of those there were responses from every grade except 3rd grade. Most say they communicate with the librarian in emails and impromptu meetings, but that I am accessible for collaboration when desired. When asked what areas of support they would like more help in, most responses were in technology, while others want support with teaching research or other units of study. When asked what resources they'd like more of, they answered more tablets and computers, more award books, and they were very pleased with everything else the library offers. Other comments about the library included "Our librarian has a great comfort level teaching technology, great literature, and research. She is always willing to share space and assist with any kind of planning necessary.

We have excellent support! Thank you! I hope it all continues :)

I love that Kim pulls the books we need and loads them on a cart and delivers them!!!! WOW

Technology - what to use and where in my units of study"

So overall, the building seems to be pleased with the involvement and services of their librarian and our library.


Wednesday, Feb. 10th, 8am-4pm

1 Convention Center Plaza

Saint Charles, MO

This year I was able to attend METC. I learned alot of great information at the conference. I learned several tips on using Google more proficiently. I went to various workshops where I learned about Virtual Reality options, Makerspace ideas and tips, various Formative Assessment options, and more. It was one of the best conferences I had been to in a while.

Youtube channel

One of the biggest projects that I worked on this year was developing the youtube channel that every teacher in Parkway has access to thanks to Google apps for Education. I created playlists each week and/or unit for several library lessons. I found an extensive supply of great educational resources on most topics that teachers cover. When I tested out these playlists, I found that students were highly engaged and totally absorbed in whatever concept we were learning as a result of using more and more video in my lessons. This is no surprise since this is how kids spent their free time accidentally learning outside of the classroom. It had been fun to bring their real life preferences into the classroom and watch what a difference it has made. Youtube hasn't replaced my teaching, or become a babysitter for me, but it definitely has complimented what I was already doing and taken it to a new level. I also spent a lot of time pulling playlists into Google slide presentations which could also pull in other links, and resources into 1 organized place for me. This has also been huge as it keeps me organized, saves time, and is visually engaging for the kids to follow while I teach. I want to grow next year with creating more youtube content and using more of the tech apps I learned this year to make these presentations more and more interactive, with informal questions and assessments intermingled in them using Blendspace or similar type tools.

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Masters +30 work

This year I also took another 14 hours of grad credit to move over to my Masters +30. I did a review of METC where I created a whole unit of lessons incorporating VR and other tools for creating book reviews which was designed to go along with the 3rd grade book review unit. I also took 2 classes through Truman. I did 2 online classes this year through Baker University. One of them was about the best ipad apps to use in the classroom which I found to be very helpful even though I have a set of Nexxus tablets, many of the apps are both platforms and/or gave me ideas of similar apps in the play store. The other class I took from Baker was about using youtube in the classroom, which was a class I thoroughly enjoyed since this is already something I was personally working on this year. I was able to create even more playlists for my channel, find out about other great channels to subscribe to, and even more was able to begin creating content using tools to share onto my youtube channel. Below is an example of one of those projects for this class.
Paraphrasing, Summarizing, and Quoting

Goals for next year

Next year I am hoping to really incorporate more Kagan team building tools and activities into the library curriculum. I will be attending the Kagan training at the end of May to help assist me with that goal.

I would also like to see my students using Google more and more.

I would like to continue updating the Oabkrook resource site and the Library website to upload several new Google Slides presentations and youtube playlists that I have been working on throughout the year. I will be able to do this at a summer workshop in June for elementary resource development.

I want to continue to create symbaloos and Library Catalog resource lists which compliment and and to the units of curriculum. I also will continue making new resources using Google slides, and I am hoping to add new tools for teaching such as Blendspace, and virtual reality tools like Quiver or the Flying Books of Mr. Lessmore to some of the library lessons.