Lil' Indians

Cambridge Elementary School

Volume VIII, Issue 3

February 28, 2019

In This Issue:

  • Art Creature Creations
  • Mrs. Gwin's Hat Makers
  • The Wedding of Q and U
  • Elementary Drama Club
  • China
  • First Grade Loves
  • 5th Grade Famous Americans Artwork
  • Mrs. Record's First Grade Celebrates 100th Day!
  • How to Weave Baskets
  • Chinese New Year
  • Mrs. Snowball's Second Grade Writes Haiku

Art Creature Creations

First grader Scarlet Ellis proudly holds and protects her new clay creation, a cardinal.

Mrs. Gwin’s Hat Makers

Mrs. Gwin’s second grade class made hats for Mystery Science. We were on a deserted island and had to design a hat because the sun was beating on us. We only could use the materials from a lunch box. Those items were: paper plates, paper towels, paper bags, tin foil, yarn, and clothes pins. First, we drew our design and then we made our design. When all the hats were finished, we described how our hat would protect us from the sun.

Pictured Below: Mrs. Gwin's class with their hats!

Big picture

Mrs. Record's First Grade Celebrates 100th Day!

We had a great day celebrating the 100th day of school. We got to go to the other first grade classrooms and do fun activities to learn about the number 100. ~ Mrs.Record and Mrs.Trinkle

How to Weave Baskets

By Dawson Honyoust and Aksel Kohler, 3rd Grade

Mrs. Law-Saunders came to teach the whole 3rd grade how to weave baskets. She is from Cornell Cooperative Extension and she teaches free programs to students. She came on February 8, 2019. She gave us our supplies and taught us about wafts and wefts.

Here are the steps to weave a basket:

Step 1. Get a paper plate and cut little triangles out around the edge.

Step 2. Lift each flap of the paper plate up and get string or yarn.

Step 3. Weave in and out around the flaps of the plate. You keep doing it over again and again. Pull the string kind of tight so that the flaps stay up like a bowl shape.

Step 4. When you have gotten close to the top of your plate, take a bottle of glue and glue the top of the string on each flap.

Step 5. Write your name on your bowl.

Step 6. Decide how you want to use it at home or in the classroom.

Those are the 6 steps to follow to make a basket. We felt like this was a fun experience for us to learn how to weave. Everyone likes when Mrs. Law-Saunders comes to visit!

Pictured below: 1) Mrs. Law-Saunders helping students in Mrs. Lathrop's class, 2) Ella Sartoris and Aidan Cannistraci weaving, 3) the class with their finished artwork!

Chinese New Year

Mrs. Flint’s students enjoyed making Chinese lanterns with the help of Mrs. Liu-Gorman at the start of the Chinese New Year. Thank you Mrs. Liu-Gorman for helping us and for teaching us even more about this wonderful holiday!

Mrs. Snowball's 2nd Grade Writes Haiku

On February 12th, Mrs. Snowball's 2nd Grade class was delighted to welcome Ms. Irene Baldwin, a former CCS English teacher, to teach an enrichment lesson. The class learned about writing Haiku poetry. They chose magazine photos as inspiration, then learned how to write a Haiku poem to describe their photo. Finally, they were able t illustrate their poem using their own personal style. Thank you, Ms. Baldwin, for spending the morning with us!

Teal Water Haiku

By Kamdyn Wright, 2nd Grade

The water is teal

Really wavy at the beach

Many sharp grey rocks

Red Fox Haiku

By Daisy Bassett, 2nd Grade

Red fox is furry

It might be cold in the snow

His tail is bushy