DIY for the Single Guy

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DIY for the Single Guy

A recent news article reveals that majority of condo units in Metro Manila were bought or are being amortized by so-called “Millennials”. Demographic experts say that those born between the 1980s to early 2000s are considered as Millennials. As young urban professionals, this group snatch up most condominium units in the city because of the need to be near the workplace and the enjoyment they get from the urban vibe.

Still, many singles encounter challenges in living alone and working in the city far from family and friends. Foremost among these challenges is the cost of the urban lifestyle plus the need to maintain their condo units.

A typical single yuppie would have to spend for decent work clothes and shoes, transportation, and daily food including the café latte or tall Americano that keeps them up and about throughout the day.

Add to these expenses the monthly payments for the condo unit, association dues, and payment for utilities. The expense list gets a bit longer for the yuppie who enrolls in a swanky gym or has weekly night-outs with friends.

Needless to say, learning how to save on costs is a good strategy that every Millennial must have.

Those who are good at handling their finances have a very simple secret called DIY, or Do-It-Yourself. For example, instead of heading to the local laundry shop at the end of the week, why not make a one-time investment on an automatic washer and do it yourself. That’s instant savings of about P300 for an estimated 12 kilos of dirty clothes (at the average cost of P25 per five kilos of clothing).

A typical condo unit also needs some construction or upkeep. Installing new window fixtures, curtains, or a t.v. platform may require some drilling. Hiring a professional handyman could easily set you back by a few hundreds or even thousands of pesos excluding the cost of materials. A better option would be to invest in a professional quality multi-tool such as the Vibrarazer. This unique and powerful tool can be used to cut, sand, polish, and scrape metal, wood, plastic, sheetrock, and even carpets and ceramic tiles.

As a metal cutter, Vibrarazer can be used safely and effectively in doing metal work inside the condo. Need to install a carpet to get that more luxurious look? This tool is also a carpet cutter that allows anybody to cut and layout a carpet even without professional experience.

Upgrading the bathroom? Vibrarazer is also a ceramic tile cutter that would allow you to measure and cut tiles based on your preferred style, shape, and position.

Saving money by adopting a DIY lifestyle is only half the benefit. By doing small but necessary projects in your condo or home, one would gain a sense of satisfaction for a job well done. One would also get the “bragging rights” for having personally designed and worked on the interiors of the condominium. And besides, embarking on DIY projects is a good hobby and an excellent way to unwind after a week’s hard work at the office.